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(OT) Is This the Level of Understanding on Fukushima I NPP Accident in the US?

(UPDATE 12/31/2013) For those who want the summary of the steam incident since July this year and the Reactor 3 operating floor condition since the March 2011 accident, I have a new post.


An acquaintance who casually follows the Fukushima I NPP accident sent me a link, quite worried. I opened the link, and I started laughing, then I despaired - realizing that this may be the current level of understanding in the US when it comes to the Fukushima I NPP accident.

I have no idea who this is ("Turner Radio Network - Free Speech, No Matter Who Doesn't Like It"), but it has an urgent news flash on December 28, 2013:

Persons residing on the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan. TEPCO says they do not know why this is happening and cannot go into the building to see what's happening due to damage and lethal radiation levels in that building. Experts say this could be the beginning of a "spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)" ...

The page shows a photograph of Reactor 3 steaming vigorously to lend support to the contention above.

The problem? It is a photo from March 2011 right after the building blew up.

Further down the post,

The video below was taken several months ago by TEPCO. It shows that the roof is totally blown off reactor building # 3

Uh... no. All the debris on the operating floor of Reactor 3 has been painstakingly removed, piece by piece, by remote-control cranes and shovels supervised by carbon-based human workers wearing tungsten vests who were physically there on the platform surrounding the reactor building.

The readers of this blog know (I hope) about the story of this "steam" rising from Reactor 3's operating floor. The best hypothesis so far is that this is a combination of rainwater going through the gaps and reaching the Containment Vessel below and being heated up and the steam leaking from a breach somewhere in the Containment Vessel as nitrogen gas is injected into the CV. The steam tends to get observed when it is raining or after it rains.

The steam rising from the gap in the Reactor 3 operating floor looks like this:

I suppose it is free speech to claim this is vigorous enough to reach the height of the jet stream and hit the west coast of North America. Or, to use the favorite refrain among many Japanese, "erring on the side of caution".

The lack of coverage of the Fukushima nuclear accident by the established media in the US has been being filled by the alternative media. For good or bad.

For those who care to know, this is what the operating floor of Reactor 3 looked like, and looks like now (from TEPCO's photos and videos library):

March 16, 2011:

March 24, 2011:

July 11, 2012:

September 21, 2012 (SFP, when TEPCO started removing the debris):

May 25, 2013:

October 10, 2013:


Anonymous said...

The level of understanding in the US is clearly not dissimilar to the level of caring in Japan

Anonymous said...

So even if the Turner News Flash gets discredited for a dated picture or the wrong spent fuel pool, there is still evidence that has been gathered of the smoke events occurring at the site on those days. The TBS/JNN camera is still offline. The Tepco cam is still online but won't provide as good a view of the area of interest. People are watching Tepco and they know it.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is what gets passed around. People who have no clue about the disaster or about radiation in general keep giving these bogus warnings and news alerts. Then people pass them around all worried. If you try to explain that someone running around with a radiation detector taking one or two readings isn't an accurate way to determine if Fukushima radiation is making its way to the US they scoff and ignore you. If I had a dollar for every time someone sent me one of these alerts I could fund the Tohoku recovery.

Anonymous said...

It was steaming again. That news outlets had to embelish the event with inaccurate pics is just what they commonly do when they lack. It's better than ignoring things a la Japanese.

Anonymous said...

The video demonstrates well why onsite workers are seen wearing respirators.
Uhh, that steam IS radioactive and the site is, uhh, Windy.

Anonymous said...

(OT) Is This the Level of Understanding on Fukushima I NPP Accident in the US?

Well, seems to be more accurate than, say, anything Fukushima Diarrhea puts out.

j'mon said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Or radio nuclides in West Coast tuna, or whales starving up inland channels, or elevated readings on SF beaches, or disappearance of starfish and salmon from Alaska to Mexico...use Google before is fully scrubbed. More sites on my fb page.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@12:36 pm, I'm a surfer by hobby and am assuring everyone that starfish are still everywhere along the Cali coast, and *surprise* the salmon have not dissapeared either.

Unknown said...

there are marine die offs up into canada. is it san fran aquarium looking for all the usual virus bacteria etcet. but lacking very public news coverage...."its fukushima radiation" and "evacuate the west coast" hysteria!!! we americans are EXCEPTIONAL that way.

Anonymous said...

The best source for Fukushima news I've found is I wish we had a verifiable source of reliable information regarding this topic on so many levels. A friend of mine sent me this Turner Radio Network piece and immediately I was scared as it has been reported that #3 contains MOX fuel, which contains plutonium. I've been seeking confirmation from other sources. Living on the West Coast and very familiar with this topic, anything regarding Fukushima makes me more than concerned. I lost an uncle who worked at Hanford back in the 60s and died from radiation exposure. The complete refusal of the Japanese government to come clean with all information is criminal and a crime against humanity. People need to know the truth in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. Since 3-11, we've known all along that we couldn't rely on anything the American media and government said about this disaster. After all, we can't upset the financial markets can we? Sadly, the intentional lack of comprehensive coverage of Fukushina leaves little doubt that the US media is completely controlled and compromised. The stakes in this disaster couldn't be higher as illustrated by the gallant sailors of the USS Ronald Reagan providing vital support to disaster victims. The news I've read is more than troubling. You try to explain this to most people and they look at you in disbelief. I've found that once I'm allowed to go through it one step at a time, especially the risk from seafood, people start getting the message. We need to be kept informed by several additional sources to make certain what we are communicating to others is in fact true.

Anonymous said...


Since you believe enenews is the best how do you explain some of the conduct on the Fuku webcam thread? People hallucinating about colors and flashes of light and whatnot? The message that behavior sends to the world is destabilizing for credibility.

You know the Fuku cams are low quality video and still encourage commenters to post hallucinations based on that poor quality. Medical conditions are not a free pass to hallucinate all day long.

Suggestion. Buy some good quality video, here, and no, I'm not affiliated with Skybox,
High-definition video from space is available for purchase. Finally.

The webcam "contractors" gouge their viewers, reducing them to utter "poverty" and that's ok with those in good with the Admin at enenews, is it?


So do yourselves a favor in that disbelief -- clamp down on the freaking hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

If Turner Radio Network was so incorrect about radioactive steam suddenly venting from Reactor Building #3, why did TEPCO announce it themselves on December 27 and, more importantly, why has radiation in Iwaki City, Fukushima, Japan suddenly skyrocketed from a three month daily average of 225 nSv/h to a frightening 21000 nSv/h today? Gee, I guess Turner Radio Network has been proved right. I'm sure they await your apology; but most of us realize those don;t come easily from effete snobs such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

About Mr. Turner:

Anonymous said...

Anything coming out of Reactor 3 is going to be radioactive. Period.

Turner Radio needs no apologies. Like all other media associated with Fukushima they need to dig deeper and find ever more, because it's there.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just saw a post at NETC - saying that the reading at Ikawi Japan of 21,000 was an anomaly due to the changeover of instruments to 2014. No other stations registered the spike.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, attack the messenger. Except you overlooked one tiny fact: According to the Turner Radio web site, The Hal Turner to whom you refer was ORDERED by a federal Judge to divest himself of all web sites when Turner was convicted of "threatening" in December 2010. Turner went to prison. According to the web site, "Hal Turner no longer has any connection whatsoever to this web site and does not contribute to its content.." See site's main page at:

That notice is dated December, 2010. I guess three years wasn't long enough for you to get the message.

So now that your discrediting of the messenger is debunked, what do you have to say now?

Anonymous said...

Sure, Turner radio may have gotten this wrong, but the scariest part is that Fuku is probably worse than what the most alarmist online news outfit could dream of.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's only partially the fault of misinformed population when governing bodies constantly utterly fail to provide honest accurate facts.

None of this kind of thing would be a problem if we weren't constantly being fed bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"The steam rising from the gap in the Reactor 3 .....I suppose it is free speech to claim this is vigorous enough to reach the height of the jet stream and hit the west coast of North America"

That logic is right up there with others claiming 'plutonium is too heavy to make it to the USA'

The FACT is that much less "vigorous" evaporation from the surface of the ocean easily makes it up to the jetstream. Radioactive ground water steamed out of Fukushima has been hitting the USA for quite some time.


Joe Dead Horse said...

Fukushima is an extinction level event. And that says everything that needs to be said about it.

Anonymous said...

The demise of the Pacific Ocean is on the way.

Best coverage of the Fukushima NPP disaster is at

More here :

Anonymous said...

Uh.. how could 1 to 2 Bq/cubic meter of cesium kill the ocean?

M. Simon said...

I just found this link

And it made me come here for a reliable source of information. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Canadian news is reporting massive ocean mortality rates on the west coast. Radiation spikes have been detected daily from the west coast all the way east to Montreal which lies on the jet stream. This in spite of prime minister Stephen Harper muzzling scientists.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever hear of Fukushima Diary? Some good information there. I would like to point out that since there is a huge amount of tritium present at the Fukushima site, there is fission taking place. Tritium is a byproduct of fission. Since there were three meltdowns, I would suspect that this nuclear dragon could rear it's head in unexpected ways. But we must guard against unsubstantiated reports. It would be nice if both the Japanese government and the US government were a bit more forthcoming with information. Truthful information, I might add.

Anonymous said...

its one thing if a news website uses an outdated picture but its sheer ignorance to believe the official statements.

just because they claim that you can eat food grown in that region again doesnt mean its safe at all. many ground samples showed a high above normal reading, not even just in fukushima and its not enough to do some plowing to fix it, like another official statement said. also, the majority of radioactive particles is somewhere in the soil and not in the ground water yet. this will probably change within the next decades.

for those that believe that disagreeing with the official line is nutters territory: they have been caught lying countless times already and pretty much every serious nuclear accident has either been subject to media blackout or great downplaying of consequences, including chernobyl. not a single country admitted to their population that a radioactive cloud went over their borders back then.

on the 25th anniversary of chernobyl a big nuclear agency claimed "only 50 people died" (similiar to the popular statement "noone died due to fukushima"). guess what, the numbers of people slowly dying of nuclear exposure within those 25 years are in the hundred thousands, possibly over a million.

this isnt over, even if only 10k people get cancer or have miscarriages and this doesnt include possible future desasters, for example if the rod pool collapses or another meltdown happens.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder who debunks the debunkers?

Anonymous said...

Agreed: Fuku was an extinction level event.
Of course, the cowards do what they do best: deny their fears; fortunately fuku will not deny them their ignorance.
If you listen to the mentally, emotionally and socially damaged cowards: Fuku isn't an ele, the titanic is unsinkable, atoms are the smallest building block and indivisible, the planets follow circular orbits, lead paint isn't bad for you, cell phones and lithium batteries are not only safe but healthy for your body and absolutely do not cause brain/hand tumors :)

Leslie Corrice said...

Keep up the good work. Debunking the debunkers...I like that concept. I've been doing the same since 3/11/ days off, either. ( Eventually, the truth will overcome.

Anonymous said...

Can someone, anyone, debunk the likes of Gundersen, Caldicott, Alvarez?

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