Wednesday, January 1, 2014

(OT) ... and Music at the Very Beginning of a New Year

A tall bassist in full dress waits, with his bow to the string. A girl drops some coins in the top hat on the pavement, and the bassist starts drawing the bow.

"Ode to Joy", a la flashmob style, in Spain:

Happy New Year.


wren said...

Happy New Year!

It is heart warming that the bank behind that was not part of a bailout. ;-)

Ex-Oligarch said...

hey areva, Happy New Year to you! and thank you for your work on this crucial blog. here's hoping that we get some good news in 2014, or at least a little more truth.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea and a great example of how a seemingly insignificant action by one of the smallest among us (the little girl dropping a coin) grows into something grandiose and benefiting so many.
As always, thanks for sharing, laprimavera.

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