Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Latest from Fast Breeder Monju: PC Hacked by Someone Accessing from a Korean Site, After a Night-Shift Worker Downloaded a Free Video Software off the Net

Net citizens in Japan are incredulous.

"So this fast-breeder project burns hundreds of millions of yen every year, and the worker downloads a free software off the net?" "A video playback software cannot be for business use, can it?"

(I'd say, "Don't they have antivirus software and firewall? They are also free...")

From NHK News (1/6/2013):


It has been revealed that a personal computer in the central control room of the fast breeder Monju in Tsuruga City in Fukui Prefecture may have been accessed illegally and information including emails may have been stolen.


Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), who operates [well, tries to operate would be more accurate...] Monju, says, "Important security information is not likely to have leaked."


According to JAEA, a male supervisor on night duty on January 2 was downloading a free software for video playback on one of the eight personal computers used for operations, when 30 or so incidents of illegal access to the PC from a Korean site happened.


The PC in question stores about 42,000 emails and training reports. There is a record of external transmission, and part of the information may have been stolen.


JAEA thinks the computer was infected with a virus during the update of the free software, but says no illegal access to other PCs at Monju has been confirmed. "It is not likely that critical security information has been leaked outside," JAEA explains.


Last November, Nuclear Regulation Authority issued a "reprimand (stern warning)" to Monju's operator for deficiencies in countermeasures against terrorism.

Yup. We're supposed to take JAEA's comment at face value, as if they are on top of things while in fact they weren't aware of the illegal access until they were contacted by their security firm, according to Yomiuri Shinbun (1/7/2014).


Anonymous said...

"a free software for video playback". That wouldn't be for porn, now, would it!

VyseLegendaire said...


Anonymous said...



netudiant said...

Afaik, Monju is shut down and has been for quite some time, ever since it had serious system problems, the most recent involving a fuel loading element that had to be retrieved from the liquid sodium coolant.
So it is no surprise the operators at the site are bored out of their skulls.
Do they download porn etc on their night shift? I'd be surprised if they did not.
More interesting, given the plethora of Japanese options, is that the operator chose a Korean site. If someone gave him that link, it might be a clear case of spearphishing and it would be useful to know which entity was behind that.

Anonymous said...

Not porn, Korean soap operas perhaps.

Anonymous said...

just another reason why the vulnerability of out-dated, cold-war nuclear technology must come to an end. The system has changed and it's time for us to grow up and move on!

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Rumor is that it is indeed a Korean HD video software. Just a rumor.

Anon at 1:08PM, Japan is doing "the back to the future", going far beyond the Cold War. They are going back about 150 years, to the beginning of Meiji era, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

When the future is dead end, one has no choice but to revert to the past :)

Anonymous said...


It was probably delivered by the people who suggested to Rodman that he sing happy birthday to Mr. Kim.

Anonymous said...

" .. from last year’s forecast: Japan’s ultimate destination is to “go medieval.” They’re never going to recover from Fukushima, their economy is unraveling, they have no fossil fuels of their own and have to import everything, and their balance of payments is completely out of whack. The best course for them will be to just throw in the towel on modernity. Everybody else is headed that way, too, eventually, so Japan might as well get there first and set a good example."


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