Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update on Anti-Nuclear Former PM Tag Team for Tokyo Governorship: Anti-Nuclear, Pro-Casino?

(UPDATE) To the dismay of many, yet another former prime minister has declared his support for Hosokawa. Mr. Naoto Kan, who was the prime minister presiding over the unfolding nuclear disaster in March 2011, is urging Tokyo residents who are anti-nuclear to vote for Mr. Hosokawa.


Anti-nuclear former Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa is about to officially declare his candidacy in the gubernatorial race in Tokyo, with the support from another anti-nuclear former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (see my previous post from 1/8/2014). But what little has been leaked about his policies as the governor of the most populous prefecture in Japan is not so simplistic.

While I could find nothing concrete about his energy policy beyond the "beyond nuclear" slogan, I found a few hints that may indicate Hosokawa's thinking.

Hosokawa's words, as reported by his close associates, according to Tokyo Shinbun (1/12/2014):

"If I allowed casinos, would women stop supporting me?"

"Should Tokyo monopolize the Olympics? Should the disaster-affected areas be left behind?"

"The Tokyo gubernatorial race will determine Japan's destiny. It doesn't matter if I win or lose. All I want to do is to galvanize the public opinion."

I believe Hosokawa means "the public opinion toward 'beyond nuclear'," whatever the phrase means.

I have a feeling that LDP and the Abe administration, supporting the candidacy of Yoichi Masuzoe, won't be very disappointed even if their candidate loses to Hosokawa in the election, if Hosokawa is for bringing the casino (Las Vegas Sand and MGM are eagerly waiting, saying Macao wouldn't even come close to Tokyo in potential) to Tokyo Bay. If Hosokawa is hinting at moving some Olympics venues to the disaster-affected Fukushima to help spread the economic benefit of having the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, great for LDP.

"Beyond nuclear"? As long as it remains a slogan, without any actionable steps toward it, LDP will tolerate.


Stock said...

They do release damming information. But you have to dig to decipher it.

Let me try to be as clear as possible. This is a hard one to wrap your head around. From a June 2011, 300 page government report from detailed radiation testing in Alaska.

Fukushima, from 2000 miles away, caused the radio nuclides to spike to high levels. These same islands in Alaska were used for nuclear bomb testing in the 1960's. And the increase in radio nuclides was about the same as from Fukushima.

Wrap your head around that one. It is almost unfathomable. Proof is here.

Antipater said...

Stop trolling already! F'ing blog you link to says there was a nuclear explosion a Fukushima.

Comments there, are again, an example of your sock puppetry and strawman sock puppetry.

Anonymous said...

Given the number of pachinkos operating in Japan opening a casino can't hurt much. Just make sure that revenues are heavily taxed and the collected money goes into useful stuff like kindergartens, cheaper health care, decent pensions etc.

Anonymous said...

"Stop trolling already! F'ing blog you link to says there was a nuclear explosion a Fukushima."

And don't forget to DONATE!

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