Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...And Condenser Pipe for Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Leaks

Part of normal daily life as we've seen at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

The stainless pipe that circulates water for the condenser unit for the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 4 has been found leaking. The amount of radioactive materials in the water (coming out of the SFP) is very low, says TEPCO, only 10 becquerels/liter. It is a very minor drip, of one drop in 30 seconds or so, according to Mainichi Shinbun (in Japanese; 8/23/2011).

TEPCO's countermeasure is to put a bucket under the dripping pipe. The cooling operation continues uninterrupted.

TEPCO's handout for the press on August 23 is still only in Japanese. I put the green circle around the leak location:


Anonymous said...

This was the entire building that mysteriously dissapeared leaving less identifiable wreckage than the Mox detonation.

Fascinating stuff eh?

Anonymous said...

Stainless steel being a rather hard to bend material, it is different from the "flexible hose/フレクシブルホース", isn't it ?

evendine said...

So the water runs through some pipes from the SPF and has 10Bq/l :0)) Yeah - right :0))

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the common spent fuel pool is located?

Anonymous said...

Yeah evendine. I can't believe ANYTHING in the reactor buildings is only 10 Bq/l, let alone cooling water for the SFP. Makes you wonder how many zeros they've dropped this time.

Anonymous said...

Look at this:

In May the total beta radiation in the SFP of Unit 4 was 1300000 Bq/L! Where has it gone?

Anonymous said...

Here are the results of the SFP water analyses for August:

Unit 1: 23000000 Bq/l Cs-137 + 18000000 Bq/l Cs-134

Unit 2: 110000000 Bq/l Cs-137 + 110000000 Bq/l Cs-134

Unit 3: 87000000 Bq/l Cs-137 + 74000000 Bq/l Cs-134

Unit 4: 61000 Bq/l Cs-137 + 44000 Bq/l Cs-134


Anonymous said...

In case anyone else is wondering about the common pool, it is in a separate building 50m west of #4. It has 6,291 or 6,375 assemblies, each composed of 63 rods. It is assumed to be safer because it is cooler, but it was re-racked to accommodate the 1760 tons stored there.

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