Friday, August 26, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant SFPs with High Level of Radioactive Cesium

Well, so much for the Mainichi reporter who said "10 becquerels/liter" of radioactive cesium in the water spilled from the Spent Fuel Pool in Reactor 4 the other day. (It looks like he simply added 6.1 and 4.4, as you see in the chart below, and ignored the minor details like E+04...)

From TEPCO's handout for the press on August 25:

Have these numbers changed over time? If so by how much? I went to look for TEPCO's handouts in the past. In Reactor 1 SFP, the amount of radioactive cesium increased in 2 months, while in Reactor 3 SFP it has steadily decreased. In Reactor 4 SFP the amount is about the same (here's the May analysis). In Reactor 2 SFP the amount is also about the same.

Spent Fuel Pool 1:

Cesium-134: 12,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters
Cesium-137: 14,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters

Cesium-134: 23,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters
Cesium-137: 18,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters

Spent Fuel Pool 3:

Cesium-134: 140,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters
Cesium-137: 150,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters

Cesium-134: 94,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters
Cesium-137: 110,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters

Cesium-134: 87,000 becquerels/cubic centimeters
Cesium-137: 74,000 becquerels/cubic centimeter


Kyotoresident said...

I wonder why the emphasis is only on iodine and cesium in media reports. Are they the most dangerous? Plenty of other stuff came out of Fukushima. Anyone know anything about this stuff? Xe-133, Sr-89, Sr-90, Ba-140, Te-127m, Te129m, Te-131m, Te-132, Ru-103, Ru-106, Zr-95, Ce-141, Ce-144, Np-239, Pu-238, Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241, Y-91, Pr-143, Nd-147, Cm-242, Sb-127, Sb-129, Mo-99
All of this was let out in large quantities. Some more than cesium and iodine, some less.(data from Tepco)

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

They are the most abundant, the easiest to detect.

Anonymous said...

"In Reactor 4 SFP the amount is about the same (here's the May analysis)."

In fact from April 27 to August 19 radioactivity in Unit 1 SFP decreased by a factor of 2 or 3. Please compare

Cesium-134: 130,000 Becquerels/Liter
Cesium-137: 140,000 Becquerels/Liter

Cesium-134: 61,000 Becquerels/Liter
Cesium-137: 44,000 Becquerels/Liter

This pool is leaking and has been refilled several times.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon 12:18AM, you mean Unit 4 SFP, and the sampling date of April 12 (measured on April 27). I couldn't locate the April data so I linked May data. Thanks for the link. Since May, there hasn't been much change.

Anonymous said...

"@anon 12:18AM, you mean Unit 4 SFP, and the sampling date of April 12 (measured on April 27)."

Correct on both accounts. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"This pool is leaking and has been refilled several times. August 27, 2011 12:18 AM"

Refill = pumping is seawater, overflowing back to sea.

This = ALL

Analysing measured seaflow bequerels when all given info is pure fabrication is utter foolishness; the reactor three has been shown xploding into bits, all the plutonium fuel flew alla around and into the bushes, sea 2mile radius...

Have u no yet watched this!? Daichii reactor 3 blows, 4xplosions

Whats the point taking measurements? The point is on TEPCO side, upkeeping theatrics.

Anonymous said...

Arnie Gunderson's comment:

Anonymous said...

Alas, Arnie the deaf is a MSM hoax. Verify his soundless analysis with the videolink above

Anonymous said...

The sounds of the Unit 3 explosion were added after the fact. Gunderson is correct to refer to the video without sound, as that is how it originated. The video was from too far away to have sounds that synchronized with the blast, so a TV station added them and the video with sound has now gone viral. The dead giveaway that these sounds were added is that some are mono and some are stereo. Please see

Anonymous said...

Japan Nuclear Disaster Models From 2002

Anonymous said...

Alas. No sync with nothin with 1000m+ distance and more than 3sec lag. So no faking there... While any sound can be copypasted from anywhere.

As officially Plutonium danger is fake (Read this forum), Fukushima is just a story, right? Everything, mentioned video like the TEPCO 'live' webcam scenes can be 100% pure fabrication.

Luckily one can discern je§uits from the MSM-star -smell.

jmdesp said...

@Kyotoresident : No, certainly not all of that was released in large quantity. The only detection of Pu was at a level that is similar to the one that's present everywhere as a result from aerial nuclear testing in the 60's. I believe I remember one report of small quantities of Te, but adding no significant radioactivity WRT the amount already coming from Ce and I.
So as far I know, all those isotopes are not reported because none is present at a significant level (ie they are all at a level well below the WHO recommended max threshold).

If you have any diverging information, please present it. If not, don't insinuate there is.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima Isotope Data

Zoom Map

Anonymous said...

Unit 4 with it's 2nd story fuel pools was obliterated in a blast not yet shown.

Anonymous said...

Because if they showed the video of Unit 4 exploding it would probably look a lot like the Unit 3 explosion, maybe on a smaller scale since the fuel was pulled previously.

At any rate...the cover story from Tepco that hydrogen gas flowed from interconnecting pipes in Unit 3 over to Unit 4 resulting in the blast has little credibility since they won't release any video of the Unit 4 blast.

If it was a hydrogen blast then they probably would have released the video. Someday we will see it. They can't hide the truth forever and Tepco should get renewed scrutiny from whoever becomes the next ruling party.

Anonymous said...

If a fizzle bomb crater can be a spent fuel pool then the beggars are riding.

Anonymous said...

A THEORY OF FUKUSHIMA (English subtitles coming soon)

Anonymous said...

Just for easy reference,
with the appearance of Reactor 3 building why would TEPCO insist its SFP is intact?

Chernoybl scattered fuel & graphite after exploding from the reactor hundreds of yards, and I don't believe they stored their spent fuel above the reactor.

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