Monday, April 23, 2012

Part of #Fukushima Will Still Be Above 20 Millisieverts/Year 20 Years from Now

That's according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), which continues to be in charge of regulating the nuclear industry because the new and (supposedly) improved Nuclear Regulatory Agency under the Ministry of the Environment is still nowhere to be seen or heard (and likely not to be seen or heard for a very long time, as things are going at this time).

Looking at the radiation map that the Ministry published on April 23, 2012, part of Namie-machi, Iitate-mura, Okuma-machi, and Futaba-machi will continue to be more than 20 millisieverts per year external radiation. They are basically the same areas that are in red in the map as of March 2012 (100 millisieverts per year and higher).

Also note that the air radiation levels in most of Date City and Fukushima City will still be more than 1 millisievert per year 20 years from now.

In the information blackout (natural and intentional) right after the March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear accident, people inside the 3 kilometer radius from the plant, then 5, 10, 20 kilometer radius, fled in the direction of the red area in the map along Route 114 to Namie-machi. Some then took Route 399 to Iitate-mura and then to Date City, others through Kawamata-machi on their way to Fukushima City.

As the mayor of Namie-machi said in the investigation committee set up by the Diet, people were irradiated unnecessarily because the government didn't say a thing about radiation (other than of course, "no immediate effect on health").

The METI simulation maps on air radiation levels in the areas in and around the evacuation zones in Fukushima, based on the aerial surveys done in November 2011 (labels for municipalities are mine):

Air radiation levels as of March 2012:

As of March 2013:

As of March 2022:

As of March 2032:


Anonymous said...

April 26th

26th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion, the world's worst civil nuclear accident which took place on April 26, 1986.

Anonymous said...

That's according to their calculations, too. Last I heard, Chernobyl's radiation levels weren't decreasing as quickly as assumed. I wouldn't be surprised if they were manipulating the results to seem more optimistic.

Chibaguy said...

The worst nuclear disaster known to man from both and environmental and financial standpoint should not be trusted to METI. Here is the thing, it has not stopped but is on-going.

Anonymous said...

Cheap housing anyone?

"Ukraine Wants to ‘Revitalize’ Chernobyl Area"

Anonymous said...


Here is an interesting film from the perspective of the younger generation on Chernobyl.

Anonymous said...

The amount of radioactive particles will be increasing because everyday, Fukushima reactors emit more radionuclides into the air. The danger comes from these particles. These particles are more dangerous than a low level radioactive background, which is also dangerous but far less in case of a nuclear reactor explosion. This map is useless.

Anonymous said...

IWJ 4/22 recording.

Any thoughts on this meeting ?

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