Thursday, June 14, 2012

(UPDATED) #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 2 Bldg: Robot Quince Near 880 Millisieverts/Hr Location

Videos posted in my latest post, here.

From TEPCO's Photos for the Press page (6/14/2012), a photograph taken by Quince No.2 as it was about to enter the location (right above the reactor) with the highest radiation (880 millisieverts/hour):

Quince's path and the air dose levels on the 5th floor of Reactor 2:

In the previous survey, Quince didn't enter this particular area of extremely high radiation.

(I'll post the video later. TEPCO uploaded 12 video segments...)

(I just found Quince No.1 in the very first video! 10 millisieverts/hour radiation level near Quince No.1.)

880 millisieverts/hour spot on the 5th floor (in video No.11):


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Probably SFP emptying here will be a real challenge compared to unit 4.

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