Friday, June 15, 2012

Ooi Restart Protest Continue in Saturday Morning in Tokyo

Yasumi Iwakami's IWJ in multi-channel format, in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence:

(I just wish USTREAM didn't force the viewer to watch the commercial...)

No major madia outlet has said a thing officially about the protest, even though some have at least admitted to its existence:

Asahi Shinbun's group who is stationed at the PM Official Residence (Asahi Shinbun Kantei Club) tweeted about one hour ago:


Good Morning. The entrance hall of the PM Official Residence is packed with reporters even though today is Saturday. Outside the Residence is full of people demonstrating despite the rain. The meeting to decide on the restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant is about to begin.

Why don't you report just that on your paper and on your TV, Asahi?

Some people who participated in June 15 demonstration reported that they were asked by a reporter from one of the major weekly magazines in Japan about Taro Yamamoto, actor-turned-antinuke activist. He recently got married, and is evacuating to a less contaminated area. According to these people, the reporter asked them:

What do you think of Mr. Yamamoto? Don't you think he is deserting under enemy fire?

One countered the reporter with a question:

Why don't you instead report on this protest, as it is happening?

The reporter's answer, according to this person, was:

I cannot write about it, I am just a reporter.

The person further asked:

Isn't it because writing about it is against the editorial policy of your magazine?

The reporter didn't answer.

Others suggested that the reporter, critical of people escaping the radiation, should volunteer to work inside the Containment Vessels at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant to see how unafraid he is.


Anonymous said...


Beppe said...

NHK just reported 400 people demonstrating in front of Kantei, without saying when.

Chibaguy said...

There is no news of the protests. Getting over 10,000 people to protest in Japan is a huge. The last thing the Japanese want to do is to protest. Why do not politicians even understand their own culture? No one is reporting so thank you Ex Skf! I am returning from Fukushima but would have liked to have been there.

doitujin said...

"Why don't you report on this?" - "I cannot, I'm just a reporter"

I'm so hoping their protest is leading somewhere good in the end

Beppe said...

@doitsujin The job of that reporter was to ask about the actor, period. His employer is not paying him to have an opinion, nor private media is a business that earns profits exclusively providing a balanced objetive view of reality, to put it mildly.
From my point of view NHK has done worse: the are non profit and public, yet they provided misleading information when today at noon they reported about 400 demonstrators (referring to this morning, I assume) without contestually reporting about last night 10,000. What is the news? The 400 or the 10,000? Today too NHK deserved an all caps WTF.

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