Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There Is Another Camera from Reactor 4 Direction, Says a Worker at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant

TEPCO's live cam of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is set up near the Seismic Isolation Building near the Reactor 1 building, looking toward the Reactor 4 building and the Common Spent Fuel Pool (i.e. looking southeast).

The worker who's been tweeting from the plant since March 2011 says in one of his tweets yesterday (about how decisions are made on project costs, etc) that there is another camera from the direction of Reactor 4:


In fact, there is a camera right now from the Reactor 4 side. There is a camera on the upper part of the [exhaust] stack on the south side of Reactor 4, and we've been looking [at the images from that camera].

His tweet is in response to a comment about a talk of moving the live cam to a different location, possibly to the Reactor 4 side.

I think he said last year (fairly early in the crisis) that there were many monitoring cameras throughout the plant but TEPCO didn't talk about them. TEPCO's spokesman Matsumoto admitted to the existence of such cameras in a press conference several month ago (I think), and said he would look into it. (He must be still looking into it.)

The worker also alleges that the fabric cover over the Reactor 1 building is only cosmetic, and nothing to do with preventing the radioactive materials from escaping. There was a talk, presumably from the contractors, to build a more permanent structure (more like the one they are building for Reactor 4) but that was shot down by TEPCO over the cost concerns. They wanted the badly damaged Reactor 1 building out of sight of the live cam, he says.


Stock said...

In the stock trade industry they call it a "blow off top" let's hope that vernacular doesn't apply to our Home Planet

15 'Near-Misses' at U.S. Nuclear Plants in 2011
Many of these 15 "near misses" occurred because reactor owners either tolerated known safety problems or took inadequate measures to correct them.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago someone looked at the plant pictures counting all the cameras visible. Quite a few. The shots you see inside the control areas give a good idea just how many there are and how much better the picture on the big screen they look at is versus the images available on TEPCO cam....

It is a nuclear power plant in Japan with one camera.
Does anyone think that the cover on # 1 is more than window dressing?

Anonymous said...

And I guess it is just a coincidence that the blurred horizontal area of the camera cover runs right through the most damaged reactor buildings #3 and #4. Making it difficult to see those buildings. And to do that they had to offset the blurred area so that it does not run down the actual middle of the image. They had to offset the cover to camera angle. How about at least readjusting the camera position angle so that we can see #4 and #3 clearly ? Is that too much to ask ?

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that TEPCO hasn't changed. They are still trying to hide and misdirect just as they always had before the TEPCO triple meltdown.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll make it a personal policy to always refer to the Fukushima nuclear accident as the TEPCO disaster, or the Fukushima-TEPCO disaster or the TEPCO-Fukushima disaster - something with the name TEPCO included.

I think in important that TEPCO get credit when we discuss the meltdowns.

Anonymous said...

Here is the camera tally provided by nuckelchen-

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