Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#Fukushima Women in "Die-In" Protest in Front of PM Official Residence on June 7

Tokyo Brown Tabby sent me another video that features strong-willed women from Fukushima:

On June 7, 2012, about 70 women including 10 women from Fukushima did a "die-in" in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence to protest against the restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant. Before the die-in, 10 Fukushima women visited the Cabinet Office and met with officials to submit a letter of requests addressed to Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

This video clip shows the words from the Fukushima women and part of the die-in.

On the very next day, June 8, 2012, Prime Minister Noda held a press conference and declared he would restart Ooi Nuclear Power Plant.

The original video (http://youtu.be/ODNhDhw_-VY) created by OurPlanet-TV (http://www.ourplanet-tv.org/?q=node/287). OurPlanet-TV is an independent net-based media and welcomes donations.

Translation and captioning by tokyobrowntabby.
Video editing by sievert311 (http://www.youtube.com/user/sievert311).


Anonymous said...

Damn Noda. And where the hell is everyone else?
I wonder if there will even be any backlash if the Ooi plant implodes too. Maybe a tumbleweed or two.

Anonymous said...

japan government and tepco ARE killing the people of the world the ocean and the life in the waters of the pacific. They are poisoning the people in American and the world trying to save a dead nuclear plant that they keep putting band aids on and not making the plant safe.

Anonymous said...

Have the peoples of the Pacific Islands been warned of the radiation dangers in the ocean sealife, in the rain water, in the ocean itself, in the air itself? Will they as well as all of us have Jellyfish babies or other deformed little ones? Will their futures be as bleak as the peoples of Fukushima? Can they be warned and told of the best practices to try?

Anonymous said...

Fuck the pro-nuke ass wipes on Physics Forums who kept writing that valuable lessons have been learned from the Fuku incident and that risk would be reassessed and additional safety measures would be implemented at all nuke plants everywhere because of it. What naive retards! Ooi is a piece of shit nuke plant with band aids stuck all over it worse than Daiichi.

Anonymous said...

Let not the hubris of a few men be the downfall for all of mankind.

The Prime Minister of Japan is only a front-man, just like all so-called political leaders in this world. Those with real control work behind the scenes, hiding in the darkness. They dare not be exposed by the light, though the fruits of their work are there for all to see. Do not be surprised if in fact the Prime Minister is being pressured by outside forces (ie, the 'international nuclear industry') to restart reactors in Japan.

The struggle is a worldwide issue, and people everywhere must unite.

Let not the hubris of a FEW MEN be the downfall for all of MANKIND.

Anonymous said...

Why cant someone fucking assassinate that cunt Noda and Hosono...

Mike said...

I found watching this video to be a surprisingly emotional experience, not just because of the dramatic, impassioned advocacy of the women, but because of the lighthearted brush-off they are given by the bureaucrats. Thank you Tokyo Brown Tabby for your work in translating and circulating this. Your efforts are really appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Restarting Ooi nuclear plant.
Talking of nuclear power as "cheap energy."
Spreading radioactive debris around Japan.
Ignoring hot spots and black dust reports.
No sense of urgency in securing Fuel Pool 4.
Failure to fairly compensate all damaged people.
Minimizing mandatory evacuation areas.
Not evacuating people who want to leave (children).
Swimming lessons in Fukushima.
Paying advertising agencies to whitewash the disaster.
Withholding radiation information the public needs to make personal decisions.

Do these sound like the acts of contrition?

The DPJ-led Japanese government has no sense of guilt, no real remorse. If they had any empathy at all, they could not restart any of the nuclear reactors - regardless of the economic impact.

Given the severity of damages caused to the tens of millions of people who live in East Japan, the DPJ leaders must be inhuman. How can Japan have inhuman leaders such as this? Think back to Nanking; historically it was not so long ago. I fear that these current leaders are just as bad. The current leaders are sociopaths. They are not normal human beings. Their behavior in this crisis makes it clear that they cannot be trusted to behave like normal people.

Who's responsible? - every DPJ member because their party created these monsters, made them leaders of the country, and then failed to control them. If you know someone in the DPJ, be sure that they get to see these videos, and let them know that you are holding them personally responsible for not controlling their inhumane "leadership."

Every one of these beautiful Japanese ladies from Fukushima should be running for public office in the next election. People who have relocated from Fukushima should be running for election from their new homes. Don't be disuaded by the experience and training you might lack. Everyone has weaknesses. What you would bring to the Diet is much more important than anything you are lacking.

God be with you. Keep fighting.

TechDud said...

@Anonymous - June 12, 2012 9:38 AM
That kind of language is inflammatory and ultimately self-defeating.
Is it not essential to simply obey the law, and seek to voice displeasure through public involvement and positive discourse in a unified manner? Non-violence negates most police violence and assists in their education. Many of them may have similar concerns. Speak no ill of leaders; that may prevent them from joining your cause (to preserve their political fortunes).
I sincerely urge you to read the collected works of Mohandas K. Ghandi. Do it before you possibly get yourself shot and harm the cause of others simply trying to preserve their loved-ones lives (et al).

Anonymous said...

TechDud, in this comment section we let off steam due to the witnessing(reading) of the incredulous folly of man. Please take your righteous lecture elsewhere. I am not 9:38 AM but I'd choose to give pathological lying bastards a thorough ass kicking before they hear any Ghandi quotes from me.

Anonymous said...

>Speak no ill of leaders


arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

If you want to let PM Noda know how you feel, you can write to him, here:


Anonymous said...

"Is it not essential to simply obey the law, and seek to voice displeasure through public involvement and positive discourse in a unified manner?"
No it is not essential. I'm getting tired of being herded like a sheep by criminals with no conscience in government offices. Voicing displeasure and positive discourse amount to nothing against organized wickedness. Defiance is becoming a lost countermeasure as we see in Japan(and in milquetoasts like you) .

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 6:49PM:

War is nasty. It is best avoided. If this dispute can be resolved by talking, protesting, educating and voting, we should try. It will take longer than brute force, but the result is more certain (because we are right), and lives on both sides will be spared.

Please give us more time to try the peaceful route.

Anonymous said...

Anon above, I sense that the rest of the world may be asking how much longer you would need. Some are resigned to the day when the next nuke plant blows up.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is talking about a war here. Defiance does not have to result in violence although, I must admit, if I saw someone lose their cool and start beating the shit out of Noda (or, my favorite, Bernanke) with the collected works of Ghandi they intended to gift him, I would applaud. Even cheer!

You know, throughout history, there were situations where getting rid of one or two people saved multitudes. Should one have still waited and quoted Ghandi equivalents in such a cases? You make no sense.

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