Friday, July 6, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 1: Collaborating Robots Found 5 Sieverts/Hr Spot on 1st Floor

On the 4th of July, in a US-Japan joint operation at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, Packbot 1 opened the door to the TIP room for Quince 2 using the key (how sophisticated, instead of simply knocking down the door like a SWAT team), and Packbot 2 measured radiation levels in the Reactor 1 building first floor, in the high-radiation south side in preparation for the future endoscopic probe into the Containment Vessel. (Who needs Gundam?)

The spot that measured 4.7 sieverts/hour last year measured even higher this time (No.21 in the table below): 5,150 millisieverts/hour, or 5.15 sieverts/hour. There are several other locations with radiation levels easily exceeding 1 sievert/hour at 150 centimeters off the floor.

In general, the radiation levels at 150 centimeters off the floor were SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER than those at 15 centimeters. No place for carbon-based workers.

From TEPCO's Photos and Video Library, 7/5/2012 (click to enlarge):

There's also a video, clearly edited, and very bad. I'm downloading it just for the record, and will post it here later.


Anonymous said...

And the "plan" to clean up this mess is?? Of course,this is the plant in "cold shutdown state." I would HATE to see a plant in non-shutdown!

No plan either....its beyond what carbon based lifeforms can fix....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the list of Obama Czars back up. I thought you had gone soft or been bought off or something.

Best regards,

Smoking Caster

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Gone soft on O'Bummer? Me? No way.

Atomfritz said...

At least no more bubbling water like in last year's video of the spot.

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