Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#Fukushima II (Daini) Nuke Plant Media Tour on July 4, 2012

From IWJ, delayed live netcast is about to start (3PM July 4, 2012 Japan Standard Time):

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Beppe said...

Fuku2 could be nicknamed TGIF: according to the plant head the only reason Fuku2 did not go the Fuku1 way is because the earthquake occourred on a Friday (and during the day) so they had enough personnel to replace a severed section of cable and reconnect the plant to the grid.

Had the quake happened at night or during a weekend chances are that we would be now with twice the meltdowns.

Anonymous said...

This video appears to me not to have been taken at Fukushima Daini

I don't see a single computer in the conference room. News reporters and bloggers don't use pencils and notepads anymore, they file reports via computer.

Every one of the reporters appears to be about 25-35 years old. News reporters are not all from a single demographic

The guy next to the plant manager looks like the Tepco PR representative.

I don't see the plant leadership wearing dosimeters, with perhaps the exception of the plant manager and the guy next to him in the formal presentation room.

The Tepco uniforms look new, cleaned and pressed - which gives me another indication of a carefully planned PR event.

I don't see any protection from radiation - even in the form of protection from Daiachi - as Daini is in the exclusion zone.

They take much time at the beginning passing out the red and yellow credentials, yet they all leave them on the table.

Almost none of them drink from the bottled water.

If I were to guess, I would say this took place at Tepco Headquarters in Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

Meet in conference room, move to lounge.

Anyone to translate the 2 reporters ~1:10 in the video?

Anonymous said...

@James , yep total fucking charade, there is no real journalism in Japan... journalists have no idea , dont ask pressing questions and do as their boss tells them and self censor .... what a joke, where are the invesigative journalists exposing these Tepco wanker frauds...?

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