Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#Nuclear Japan: Hamaoka Nuke Plant Opens "Nuclear Safety Research Laboratory" (Seriously)

You can't make that up. Following the news of Gundam fantasy by LDP politicians, Chubu Electric Power Company says it will ensure safety of nuclear power by having a nuclear safety lab inside Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant, in order to ensure safety. Remember this plant sit right in the center of the expected Tokai earthquake zone, and the plant itself sits on earthquake faults. The plant is practically on the beach, and if tsunami comes it will be the reactor buildings that will be hit first, not the turbine building as happened in Fukushima.

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Remember that is the nuclear power plant that PM Kan ordered shut down for the time being in May last year after the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. No one knows why exactly. Some alleged that it was the US government who pressured Kan to do so.

Or maybe Mr. Kan watched a Godzilla movie in which the nuclear monster destroys Hamaoka Nuke Plant. Much like he worried about the massive evacuation that might be necessary for Tokyo Metropolitan region after reading a SF novel by Sakyo Komatsu, possibly. But that stopped Chubu Electric from restarting the plant in July 2011. (For more of the charade between Chubu Electric and the Oxford-grad governor of Shizuoka, see my post from May last year.

From Jiji Tsushin (7/3/2012):


Chubu Electric: Nuclear Safety Research Laboratory opened inside Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant


On July 2, in order to do the utmost best in safety measures at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant (Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture) after the accident at TEPCO's Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, Chubu Electric Power Company newly opened the "Nuclear Safety Research Laboratory" inside the plant. 35 senior managers of Chubu Electric attended the opening ceremony.


During the opening ceremony, Atsushi Ishida, general manager of the research and development department at Chubu Electric, made a speech. He said, "The result of the research will be shared with the local community and with the whole country, so that people can feel safe." Further, he challenged the researchers to continue to strive for safer Hamaoka Nuke Plant.

Whatever that means. Jiji Tsushin has a picture of a Shinto priest purifying the place and praying for the safety and success of the lab, with Chubu managers and researchers bowing with him.

The word for this in Japanese is "Kamidanomi (神頼み)" - praying to the gods, literally.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Just wow. Does this mean they'll be storing all the safety response equipment in the RPV so it will be closer to the action? It seems to me "in order to do the utmost best in safety measures at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant" you would have to shut it down and put on a accelerated decommissioning plan. Did the Shinto priest leave a bunch of Ōnusa in case of emergency? Did they shroud the RPV in Shide like a deadly Sakaki maybe the first Shimenawa didn't take.

Beppe said...

Is Hamaoka an old type reactor (Mark 1), the one with the tiny containment shaped like a light bulb, like Fukushima 1?

Beppe said...

It seems to have the infamous smokestacks to release pressure (vent) the containment when it can't contain what it is supposed to contain, as it happened during the Fukushima 1 accident. Can anyone confirm?

Anonymous said...

Beppe, here is the wiki


Is this the plant where the children go on field trips to experience the magic of nuclear energy?

Greyhawk said...

This is like the beer and whiskey TV ads in my country saying they promote "responsible drinking." If the ramifications weren't so tragic it would be funny.

Lord Metroid said...

Doesn't really matter what building is hit first by a tsunami. A tsumani is more like a tidal wave rather than a wall of water.

Atomfritz said...

Hm, maybe they are doing God's work, too. like (fake) Saxonian Goldmen.

Beppe said...

The wiki page says they have BWR and ABWR, I do not know whether all BWR have the small light bulb containment. As the plant seem to have the "smokestacks" I guess its containment is similar to Fukushima 1, which would be one more reason to shut that deadly piece of junk down for good.
Off topic: radioactivity often goes up some 10% in Tokyo when it rains, including yesterday July 3rd, why is this not advertised (data fron Tokyo city official site).

Anonymous said...

The only safe nuclear power plant is a closed nuclear power plant.

We're not buying nuclear safety anymore.

Nuclear power is over. There is not future in it. Time to move on.

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