Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ooi Nuke Plant Reactor 3: Problem with Turbine, Start of Power Generation Postponed by One Day to July 5

It's just a bad juju after another. Water leaks, alarms going off along the power transmission lines, protesters preventing the government minister from entering the plant by land, and now this.

The Reactor 3 turbine vibrates too much.

From Jiji Tsushin (7/3/2012):


Start of power generation postponed till July 5 at KEPCO Ooi Nuke Plant Reactor 3


Seishu Makino, Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry announced on July 3 that the start of power generation at KEPCO Ooi Nuclear Power Plant Reactor 3 will be postponed until the morning of July 5. It was scheduled in the morning of July 4. According to KEPCO, the vibration of the turbine is exceeding the value recommended by the manufacturer.

UK's Guardian has an AP photograph of protesters and the police and the plant. The final access to the plant by land seems to be through the tunnel.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the vibration is from damage to the shaft of the generator from shifting of the fault(s) from earthquakes?

No matter the answer, there is no reason to restart questionable energy sources like nuclear power period.

Beppe said...

TV Asahi reported that Kepco "lost" all the documentation relative to the investigation of the faults (performed when the plant was built?);they lost everything: drawings, pictures, reports, meeting minutes. Apparently a new initial survey would take about three days: what are the competent authorities waiting for?

m a x l i said...

"The Reactor 3 turbine vibrates too much."
It's astounding what 48 hours of fierce rhythmic drumming can do!

Anonymous said...

Ooi and San Onofre

Good vibrations ?
Plants sited in earthquake zones can vibrate themselves into trouble from the inside out just by running them.

Anonymous said...

if the chain reaction is on and the turbine is not work, they have to draw power from off-site or diesel to keep it under control, because normally the turbine[sic] gives them energy to control the chain-reaction devices-controls.

Anonymous said...

some OT for you

Prairie Island both diesel generators declared inoperable


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