Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chinese Protest Against Japan Over Senkaku Island (Supposedly)

From a togetter compiling tweets by a Japanese person supposedly living in China, with links to photographs of the Chinese people in their protests against anything Japanese. No reason to believe they are genuine, no reason to believe they are not. Use your own judgment:

(Toyota dealership, top, and Nissan dealership, bottom)

(Mitsumi Electric)

(Department store)

It looks like the Chinese authorities are letting the air out of citizens, by directing their anger (or whatever it is) to things Japanese. I hope the authorities know what they are doing.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese people are constantly misinformed due to their not having a free press, something guaranteed to the American people through the first amendment to the US constitution.

The Japanese people are more likely to have their government force unpopular decisions like restarting nuclear power plants due to their not having the right to bear arms as guaranteed to the American people through the second amendment to the US constitution.

All you Americans out there should be thankful that your country's founders had the foresight to include the bill of rights in the US constitution. Cherish, protect and preserve your liberty.

Anonymous said...

Ah,the hidden hand.

I'm for a direct channel from the CIA,effectively runs the shysters out of town.

Out of the neighbours face.

Anonymous said...

Something... guaranteed... to the American people...? Americans aren't misinformed? Americans aren't having unpopular decisions forced onto them? Popularity, huh. You understand popularity can be faked and influenced, right?

Yes, the founders did a good job with the constitution, but there's no point to it if the citizens are the only ones cherishing it. Are you aware of what's been going on around us, and in America? Have you even spoken to any Americans? Are you American yourself?

What's with all the pro-American comments lately? America is hardly the country to compare to in terms of freedom, fairness and fortune. If you seriously believe that, you probably live there and have been horribly brainwashed. Stop turning a blind eye to your own country's problems.

Also, from what I've heard, the Japanese based their constitution on the American constitution. I've only heard this and not researched it, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese have brought this on themselves, their rabid nationalism by the likes of Ishihara who started pissing the chinese off back in April when he said he wanted to buy the islands, ishihara is not fit to be a mayor he is a vicious racist and has nothing but contempt for non japanese... he started all this shit..

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.44, what planet are you on? America has a free press? you think Amerika is free? its run by Zionists and the press were taken over years ago... amerika is a fascist state where people are deluded into the idea of freedom...

Anonymous said...

People here seem to be leaping onto the blame wagon. Yes, Ishihara and the like are fucking idiots. But we should also try to see past the surface.

Arevamirpal::laprimavera's tone in the post implies suspicion that the entire thing is a propaganda stunt. Manipulate the masses by staging what seems "popular", and people will believe and follow it based on the illusion of popularity. It also presents an image to the world that influences their beliefs and becomes part of the "bubble of awareness" that people subconsciously create for themselves.

It's "Manipulation of the Masses 101".
China is well known to pull these kinds of stunts all the time. They're not the only ones, it's a fact that America does it too. I'm sure there are tons more countries who have done similar things. I don't think constitutions have anything protecting people from these stunts. They're similar to commercials and advertisements.

Also, I wanted to add this to my previous comment:
It's really obvious that someone is brainwashed when they proudly boast about how they are protected from being misinformed. In actuality, they are being protected from being informed.

People who believe that they are completely safe and in control will remain ignorant and never know what's going on around them. Doubtful and concerned people will take the extra step to find out what's going on outside their bubble.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just thought of one more thing to add:
If your country keeps telling you you're free (or rich, or whatever), then you should seriously start considering whether you're being duped. People tend to believe things if they're repeatedly told that it's true.

For example, Australia constantly describes itself as "a multi-cultural paradise", when in fact almost everyone in Australia (except the mining industry, government and their asshole buddies who are all literally raking in billions) is struggling to make ends meet, can't even read, write or speak decent English, have no time for anything but work, and uber-feminists and racist bigots are still running wild and causing strife.

Those are all problems that have existed for decades. Sure doesn't sound like paradise to me. But the media says so, so it must be true! Or IS IT?!

Anonymous said...

>The Japanese have brought this on themselves...

Welcome to the board, Mr. Ishihara.

Anonymous said...

The US might not be perfect, but at least there you can publish your own newspaper and say anything you want (provided you can motivate yourself to do it). And you can arm yourself as a last defense against an over-reaching government.

Those who complain that money owns the media in the US seem like impotent cowards to me. If you disagree with the media, start your own and say anything you want. If you can't make a go of it, then maybe it is your message that is wrong. At least you have the right to try.

Anonymous said...

Chinese government disinformation and failure to provide balanced reporting on the background of this issue may embolden some Chinese workers to sabotage products destined for export to Japan. Does anyone remember the gyoza poisoning case of a few years ago? Even the fear of a repeat could greatly harm Chinese exports to Japan.

It would be in China's best interest to NOT vilify Japan in its media regarding this issue. There are two sides to the story, and Japan has a reasonable case for thinking the islands belong to them. Afterall, there was no communist China when Japan first INHABITED these then-uninhabited islands in the late 1800s. Chinese should at least acknowledge that Japan has an understandable reason for claiming this territory.

Anonymous said...

China and Taiwan didn't say anything until late 1960s, when the possibility of huge oil and gas field was raised.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 9:01:
As a European having lived in the States for 25 years, I can confirm: Yes, in the States you indeed have the freedom to say anything you want (at least prior to the patriot act) and, for example, start your own newspaper. Or get a higher education or become president or get healthcare. Unfortunately, this and countless other rights exist only on paper since they are worthless if you don't have the money - and lots of it - to exercise them. The right to bear arms to fight against an overreaching government provides the illusion that, if things got really bad, you could fight for your rights. However, the times when conflicts could be solved by a quick shoot-out in the market square are long gone and, in any case, the people with more money also have the bigger guns.

As for the mass media, they are owned by big corporations that get money from other big corporations through advertisement. Do you really think they'd be telling you a lot that is not in or even against their interests?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:01 PM
You can publish your own newspaper, yes... but you will still be ridiculed and discredited by big corporations. There's no purpose if you can't get anyone to believe in you. I wouldn't be surprised if they used the law and sued you for slander.

There are many ways they can shut down people who disagree with them. They don't even need to resort to kililng them. The system is designed so that they can easily stay in power, and they've mastered the tricks of manipulating people's minds to keep it that way.

People naturally deny anything that conflicts with how they define themselves. For example: pride, security and confidence in one's own country. Another example is belief in one's own control and freedom. You see those people as impotent cowards for these same reasons. Subconsciously, you want to believe in them. If you didn't, you would be unhappy, thus you deny it by diverting blame.

If someone does do things the way you suggested, and still fails, you naturally prefer to assume they must have screwed up, rather than acknowledge the existence of fundamental problems with your country or with society. It's not until you experience the same yourself that you can truly understand the true scope of reality.

Anonymous said...

I posted elsewhere the Japanese that inform us in English of their day to day lives complain of two things:irradiation and indoctrination.

Within days the forums primary sponsor had allegedly threatened the owner into closing that aspect of his forum.

So you can add intimidation to the list in America.

It may well be unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 1:28:
Oh, but its the United States. You certainly have the right to sue whoever is violating your constitutional rights - if you have a chunk of money for a lawyer and a law suit, that is.

Anonymous said...

Japanese cannot understand why they are so disliked in most of Asia, actual.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Chinese cannot understand why they are so disliked anywhere in the world.

kintaman said...

How simply these people are manipulated into violence by their propagandizing governments. They are like small minded monkeys. Please go back to your manufacturing jobs and stop following what your authorities are trying to make you do. Grow your brains you fools.

Anonymous said...

Compelling - 5 reasons why senkakus are NOT Chinese territory:

Anonymous said...

Tokyo mayor Ishihara declared he wants the Senkaku islands to become a central issue in the upcoming parliamentary elections
Ishihara also declared he does not want Tokyo citizens to vote in a referendum on nuclear power plants because this is a national policy issue. However he also declared that the Monju fast breeder reactor should not be shut down and accepted to burn debris from the disaster areas in Tokyo.
To me it looks like he is pouring gasoline on nationalistic issues to make people forget about food and air contamination. Besides, he also seems to have a lot of contempt for the people living in Tokyo, Japanese or not.

Anonymous said...

tools of deflection
redress for past wounds
"glowing" brains in numb skulls
barren wombs herald sterile future

fury at filth in high places
unleash rage at innocent cars
wreck them noodle shops
opened by one of your own

Anonymous said...

Inculcation would be another tool.

Anonymous said...

Instigation in this case,presumably institutionalised.

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