Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo of the White Pipe Shavings That Are Still Clogging Up the Water Injection System at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant

TEPCO claims these bits and pieces are clogging up the valves and pipes that carry the treated water back into the reactors. Shavings and metal bits.

From the 9/11/2012 Photo:

The company also has a very short video that supposedly shows the cleaning operation of the water inside the buffer tank, by catching these shavings and bits. But as you see toward the end of the brief video, you still see tons of white things still flowing around.

The photo was taken on September 10, the video on September 8.


Anonymous said...

May be they cut pipes with a chainsaw.
I wouldn't like to have a pipe-cut done by such surgeons.

Unknown said...

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Atomfritz said...

This video is really laughable.
A vacuum cleaner head with a metallic strainer at the hoses's tip. This is definitely some "pro forma" cleanup effort just for the masses.

In future, Tepco will just without notice exchange the strainers and the dirt that logged in them.

And, no mention of the brown slime.
It must be a no-slime, assuring that there are no biofilm problems growing at Fuku.

TechDud said...

@Kusum Yadav

How insulting!

Cigarettes can contain an unhealthy dose of radionuclides (among other BS). It seems cruel spamming this valued site.

Anyway, I wonder if the pumps use PE impellers. These shavings appear to be cold-cut. What are the dark bits; are they dyed PE, or another material entirely?

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