Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Pandemonium (October Surprise?)

From the headlines at Drudge Report on Friday September 14, 2012:


Maju said...

It's clearly orchestrated to give a casus belli of some sort (not that Muslims should not grow a thicker skin on religious matters, mind you). US military presence in the whole region has only been growing as of late, with drone attacks in Yemen and elsewhere.

However "who grabs much can't squeeze". So what's all about? I think that most likely an electoral campaign stunt, but not clear who is behind it nor who it may favor.

Sadly real people has died and will die for this nonsense.

Atomfritz said...

Maju, sadly I have to agree.

This movie smells really foul, really Jewish Hollywood. [*]
Why did Obama refuse to meet this Netanyahu guy?
Maybe it's a battle about who has the say?

P.S.: Even the Washington Post probably seems not neutral, as more a third of the "Opinion" articles seem from people with Jewish names.

Atomfritz said...

Do you remember Geert Wilders' "Fitna"?
The current situation reminds me of that.
He made a very similar enlightenment film about Islam.

And then look at the blood-thirsty bawling analphabetic mobs that rushed on the streets because their imams ordered them so.
I am really worried about the Islamic immigration, as I consider it dangerous to let in so many dark-age-minded fanatics without any objective need.

However, Geert Wilders has been regularly travelling to Israel and some people suspect he gets his instructions from there.
So he is possibly just another Jewish provocation puppet?

Maju said...

I would not use the term "Jewish" because there are many nice Jewish people and some fascists of various tendencies could exploit this misleading clue.

The correct term and concept here is "Zionist", which is an ideological and not ethnic term - most Zionists are not even Jewish but WASPy Evangelic Christians or also Catholic extremists... or even lately Islamic Fundamentalists like the House of Saud.

But even then it is hard to discern what's first the chicken or the egg: does the US-NATO imperialism serve Israel or does Israel serve the US-NATO imperialism? I would say both because even if the preeminence of Israel and the Zionist Lobby and the Zionist discourse is quite abnormal for a rationalist non-religious mind, it is still a US-NATO outpost.

Note: incidentally the already sued director of the film who goes by the name of Sam Bacile (a pseudonym) does not seem to be Jewish at all for what I have read.

Anonymous said...

Can people stop talking the film (yes, it was the match to the tinderbox)--but there were lives lost, and ideals lost as well.The Ambassador, and his loyal staff members were torched as was the embassy. In some countries-that is or could be an act of war. Since it was 9/11 and we all know what happened on that day in the USA/New York City--American interests/embassy should have been on lockdown full alert. Why were they doing business as usual when warned 49 hours before? The use of the film as an excuse --stinks to high heaven-would not be surprised to find an Islamic faction encouraging the production and release to make anarchy occur in the Muslim countries!

Maju said...

I understand that they are professional diplomats who know which the risks are, probably spies... I don't care at all if they got killed and the embassy torched. I'm much more concerned for the risk to civilians if the USA starts bombing around or whatever... but as long as it only affect spy centers, I mean embassies... not too worried.

Of course all human lives are precious but also human lives are destroyed every single day for even more horrible reasons like private property, greed, usury... so very relative and comparatively unimportant, just because he was Gringo and ambassador does not make his life more valuable than the 14 civilians murdered in a drone attack in Yemen days ago or the thousands arrested and tortured every day in Bahrain with Saudi and US complicity, for example.

Also it is clear that the film was a provocation and that the actors were deceived into taking part on something that they thought was an action film in the Egypt of some 2000 years ago. That stinks!

So why we should talk about the ambassador? Did I knew him from school or something? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Same old. Still waiting on my ticket to another hospitable planet, away from this mad whirlwind of stupidity.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

They'd better be careful what they wish for. Israelis may be able to surgically nuke Iran with their tactical nukes, but not so between Pakistan and India. It will be a dirty nuclear war. India will push north in the disputed territory with China. China may as well strike somewhere

Anonymous said...

If you look at human history, it's pretty obvious we're going to destroy ourselves. All of our significant technological advancements resulted from trying to beat one another into submission. We're doomed to seek more and more powerful weapons until we blow the crap out of each other and there's nothing left.

Doesn't help that if you so much as point the above out, people start groaning and moaning about how it's "cliche'd". We're not talking movie plots here. There are lessons that should be learned.

It'd be nice if the intelligent and considerate people who see through all this stupidity could get away and form a new society. Leave the idiots to blow themselves up. Hey, I've tried to convince them for decades now. It's not working.

Greyhawk said...

Drudge Report was a decent news source back in the day. Sadly it has become one of the most shrill of the right wing sites in America. It runs a lot of overblown stories. Things are pretty bad but not as bad as Drudge dredges up.

Atomfritz said...

The developments are really worrying, especially when considering the fact that religious Armageddon hopers are ruling in Jerusalem and Tehran.

About Israel's/Zionist nuclear secret:

About China's plutonium production:

Some very interesting analysis about the Indian and Pakistani plutonium production, using their Krypton-85 releases as indicator:

And, imagine the outbreak of anti-american rage that might shake India when the four pounds of plutonium-238 that have been lost in the Ganges spring area finally disperses and poisons India's sacred river.

Anonymous said...

Arab spring turning into winter of discontent, what?

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