Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OT: Apple (iPhone5)'s Solution to Senkaku Island Row

Much maligned Apple's map app on iPhone5 may have cost Mr. Forstall his shot at becoming the next CEO of the company, but it had a virtual solution to the row over some pieces of rock in the South China Sea between Japan and China.

Make a double. One set is named Senkaku, the other named Diaoyu.

From Mother Nature Network (9/24/2012):

In the Japanese version of the map, Haneda Airport on Tokyo Bay was the headquarters of a paper mill.

There was also a JR station named "Pachinco Gandum Station". According to Nico Nico Pedia:

"Pachinco Gandum Station" is a new station that suddenly materialized on September 21, 2012, supposedly on JR Oome-Line. Pachinco Gandum was the name of a pachinco parlor nearby, which has since changed the name.

There were also "Starbucks Station", "McDonald Station", and Suruga Bay became Philippine Sea. For more fun, see this link.

My favorite is this one - JR Shinjuku Station's West Exit is located on the east side of the station:

East? West? Such minor details! Even the USSR was resurrected by iPhone 5 map:


JAnonymous said...

About Tokyo metropolitan subway, they got all Mita line stations messed up on the part north from Kasuga : every station at least twice, once with Kanji chars, one with Hiragana. Many exits very wrongly located, and so on.

Referring to the Shinjuku station glitch, an interesting twist is that even without crapple maps, looking at JR Ikebukuro station, we can see Seibu (as in 西武, right ?) line terminal sitting on east exit and Tobu (東武, as well) line terminal sitting on west exit.

Never checked if they got it right in the app. Someone with an iphone check it out please !

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