Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oyster Creek Nuke Plant Update: NRC Lifts Alert

From Wall Street Journal quoting AP (10/31/2012):

Alert ends at Oyster Creek nuclear plant in NJ

ATLANTA — A nuclear power plant in New Jersey is no longer under an alert caused by superstorm Sandy.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said an alert at the Oyster Creek plant in Forked River, N.J., ended early Wednesday. An alert is the second-lowest designation in a four-tiered warning system.

The alert was triggered as water rose outside the plant, threatening cooling equipment. NRC officials said water levels had since fallen and were still dropping. The plant, which was offline before the storm, also regained offsite power after losing it.

Storm-related complications were blamed for forcing reactors off line at Nine Mile Point Unit 1 near Syracuse, N.Y., the Indian Point Unit 3 north of New York City and the Salem plant's Unit 1 on the Delaware River in New Jersey.


NYultrabuddha said...


We made it through the storm OK out where I am in NYC, but it was real scary. Hope all NY/NJ area readers are safe.

Anonymous said...

US news keep repeating that "alert" is the secon lowest level but alerts only happen a few times a year for all the npps in the US. I guess this means that the next level after "alert" is serious trouble and the next yet is catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

Next to "alert", which implies potentially small releases of radionuclides, NRC has "site area emergency" whereby radioactive releases exceed tolerable limits near the site boundary and "general emergency" which means substantial core damage and radioactive releases on a wide area.

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