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PM Noda on Dissolving the Lower House "Soon" and Calling an Election: "I Lied"

(UPDATE) Now, Noda is supposedly tired of being called a "liar", and he will dissolve the Lower House in December and call an election after all, or so some Japanese media outlets say. A few articles down, these outlets also whisper the secret plan by DPJ politicians not fond of Noda.

(Drum rolls please...)

Force Noda to resign, call the DPJ leadership election to elect Goshi Hosono, who then will become the prime minister, then PM Hosono will dissolve the Lower House and call an election, to the landslide victory for the DPJ.


From Jiji Tsushin (11/12/2012):


"Dissolving [the Diet] soon" was just a suggestion", says Prime Minister Noda


In the Lower House Budget Committee meeting in the afternoon of November 12, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said, "(At that time), I felt I have no choice but use suggestive words in order to break the deadlock", concerning the promise he had made to then-LDP President Sadakazu Tanigaki in August that he would dissolve the Lower House "soon". Noda's remark was in response to the question by Ishiba Shigeru, Secretary-General of LDP.

Meanwhile, Noda's Chief Cabinet Secretary Fujimura is in his own delusional world, saying he is determined to turn around the Japanese economy which dipped into the negative GDP growth (-3.5%, on annual base) in the third quarter, so that he can tax the hell out.

I haven't known an economy that decides to prosper when it is told it will be taxed heavily. But maybe Japan is different.


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PM Noda on Every Word From His Lips: "I Lied"


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Here is a link I think you might enjoy

"Orchid Island free of radioactive contamination: AEC"

It talks about a Japanese antagonist's claims of elevated radiation findings.

Smoking Caster

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I think the Japanese government is going to tax the hell out of the economy regardless of if someone fixes it or not. Japan was already in what most countries consider dire financial straits before 3/11. Now they have to come up with billions from somewhere to put a band-aid on the entire mess. The Japanese should look into using some creative euphemisms for new taxes like "user fees" or "administrative fees" they can look to the US for examples. There was a day long ago when most US federal parks were free now most have a "users fee" titling a car just a few years ago was $12.50 today it cost $100 or more. Cleaning up a reactor mess doesn't grow your economy just ask the USSR. The Russians were lucky because they went bust and dumped the problem on their former nation states. Maybe Japan should turn some of the Tohoku region into an autonomous state so they can abandon it to the world like the Russians did with Chernobyl.


If there is a nuclear waste storage facility on Orchid island then the island is contaminated and in a few more decades that contamination will find it's way into the environment. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the Japanese researchers found something and Taiwan covered it up. Without knowing the backgrounds of all the people involved its hard to say what their motivations would be. The fact this island is home to the aboriginal Tao people that doesn't bode well for the truth. Ask any Native American about how honest the nuclear industry was with them it is a tale of tears.

Google "nuclear waste leaks" and you'll find millions+ page monument to human hubris. Here are a few stories that were officially impossible until they happened.

Leaking Nuclear Waste Fills Former Salt Mine.

"A discovery at the Hanford nuclear reservation throws into question the integrity of the double-walled steel tanks where radioactive waste is being temporarily stored."

"Greenpeace today revealed that France's iconic sparkling wine, Champagne, is threatened by radioactive contamination leaking from a nuclear waste dumpsite in the region. Low levels of radioactivity have already been found in underground water less than 10 km from the famous Champagne vineyards."

"Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried piping, an Associated Press investigation shows. The number and severity of the leaks has been escalating, even as federal regulators extend the licenses of more and more reactors across the nation."

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It's always been obvious to me that forgetful, greedy, arrogant, irresponsible, selfish and delusional humans are simply incapable of harnessing and maintaining dangerous technology for lengthy periods of time.

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Noda feels like since he survived the big Tokyo rallies he deserves a lot more monthly checks. Don't expect any of the nucleocrats to call for new elections anytime soon. They have marching orders from Uncle Sammie to right the damn sinking nuclear ship.

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@9:46 LDP will take care of restarting the nuclear power plants -- or the DPJ.

Just wait until they secure another term.

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