Wednesday, July 17, 2013

(UPDATED) Just In from TEPCO: Whiff of Steam from Reactor 3 Operating Floor at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant

(UPDATE-2) From Ryuichi Kino's tweets (here and here), who asked TEPCO's PR:


The location of the steam is somewhere between the DSP and the Containment Vessel. Cannot pinpoint the exact location yet. TEPCO will notify if the stem stops.


The DSP is empty. [Kino thinks] the pool was filled with water, but TEPCO HQ says "We don't know for sure, after the hydrogen explosion. We don't know how much we can see".

I wonder if TEPCO will make the video available.

(UPDATE-2) TEPCO says it is rainwater evaporated on the CV. See my latest post.


(UPDATE-1) TEPCO says the steam is still being observed as of 1PM. No significant changes in plant parameters. The company says it has confirmed that there is no re-criticality happening.


From TEPCO's email notice to the press (7/18/2013), via TEPCO's tweet about 15 minutes ago (at 9:51AM):


Observation of what looked like steam near the center of the 5th floor of Reactor 3 (on the side of the Device Storage Pool) at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant


Today (July 18) at about 8:20AM, an affiliate company worker spotted what looked like steam floating near the center of the 5th floor of Reactor 3 (on the side of the Device Storage Pool) during video monitoring prior to the start of the debris removal work.


There is no significant change in the major plant parameters (temperature, pressure, xenon density).


There is no significant change in the measurements at monitoring posts and continuous dust monitoring.

What could be in there steaming? I don't know if there is anything in the DSP of Reactor 3. There shouldn't, as Reactor 3 was in operation when the earthquake hit on March 11, 2011. Reactor 4's DSP is filled with water, and it has the removed core shroud and other equipments.


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realtimerecord of the livestream

nuckelchen said...

i had wrong captured.
here is the livestream-record from
08:35-08:38 JST

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Can't trust them.

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