Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Humors: Naoto Kan Sues Shinzo Abe for Defamation, Self Defense Force Dispels Baseless Rumors on Ibaraki Beach, NRA Starts Nuke Plant Inspection, TEPCO's Shares Jump 12% in One Day

You really can't take any of them seriously, can you?

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan sues current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for defamation, over Abe's email magazine's mention of Kan "stopping the injection of seawater into the reactor and later taking credit for seawater injection". According to Kan, that's patently false. Why is he suing Abe now, for the mail magazine article that appeared in May 2011? I suppose in Kan's mind the lawsuit should boost the chance of his party, Democratic Party of Japan, in the coming Upper House election (July 21 for most of Japan).

From Sankei Shinbun (7/16/2013; part):


Prime Minister Abe's mail magazine was distributed as of May 20, 2011. According to Prime Minister [Abe] wrote, "Following the manual, TEPCO was planning to inject seawater after the supply of fresh water depleted. However, it was Prime Minister Kan himself who stopped the seawater injection which had just started." Further, he wrote "[Mr. Kan's] advisors then spread the lie in newspapers and TV that injection of seawater was Prime Minister Kan's heroic decision."


Mr. Kan said [in the press conference he held in the Diet building], "The content is based on totally false information. The article has severely damaged my honor."

(Go ahead and laugh now.)

Next, Self Defense Force tanks and ship on the Ooarai beach in Ibaraki Prefecture. Saturday July 13 was the beach opening day for Ooarai in Ibaraki, the town become famous because of a popular "anime" based on the town.

To an outsider (including myself), the anime, "GIRLS und PANZER", is totally hilarious, totally detached from the reality-based world where everyone else lives but the Japanese in Japan. It is about a world where cute high school girls are well-trained and versed in "the way of tanks" (like "the way of tea" or "the way of flower arrangement").

Ooarai requested tanks and a training ship from Self Defense Force to attract more people to town on the beach opening day, as the town's beach is suffering from "baseless rumors". Self Defense Force obliged, as it wants to increase recruitment. So the event was a triple-win: Ooarai dispelling baseless rumors, anime fans getting to do their cosplay on the real tanks and real ship, and SDF promoting itself to the population.

See how they all enjoy the day on the beach... (Screenshots of a TV report of the event from this blog at 2ch; click to enlarge):

Next, Asahi Shinbun reports (7/26/2013) that Nuclear Regulatory Authority has started the examination and inspection of 10 reactors at 5 nuclear plants. They are:

Hokkaido Electric: Tomari Reactors 1, 2, 3
Kansai Electric: Takahama Reactors 3, 4, Ooi Reactors 3, 4
Shikoku Electric: Ikata Reactor 3
Kyushu Electric: Sendai Reactors 1, 2

(For the locations of these plants, see my post from July 5, 2013.)

According to Asahi, assessment of Ooi reactors won't be done while the faults inside the compound are being investigated, and assessment of Tomari Reactors 1 and 2 will be delayed as Hokkaido Electric wants Reactor 3 to be assessed first. (That's the reactor where use of MOX fuel is planned.)

So, there are 6 reactors to be assessed. Asahi says three teams will each assess two, three reactors concurrently, and one team is specialized in earthquake/tsunami assessment. There will be 80 people at Nuclear Regulatory Agency (secretariat of Nuclear Regulatory Authority) doing the assessment. And all this to be finished in about 6 months.

NRA spent less than 6 months coming up with the safety regulatory standards, and now will spend 6 months (or less, my guess) in applying the standards.

(You can laugh now.)

And last but not least, for no good reason that I could find, TEPCO's shares jumped 12.6% in one day on Tuesday in Japan. Contaminated groundwater found along the seawall must be bullish for the stock. After all, for a long time now, particularly in the US but also elsewhere, bad news is good news, and bullish for the stock market.

From Nikkei Shinbun, TEPCO's intraday chart (7/16/2013):

The 5-year chart shows a shallow cup and handle pattern, and if that plays out TEPCO's shares could be going over 1,300 yen:

"OT" humor: Russia's RIA Novosti reports (7/15/2013) that "US Urges Russia to Protect Reporters, Human Rights Activists", and "Putin Blasts US for Intimidation in Snowden Asylum Saga".


JAnonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs ! Gotta love tuesdays, especially when they come first thing in the week (monday was umibiraki for the rest of japan).

About TEPCO shares, I read that they jumped when Nicholas Van Orton sneezed.

--your local CRS employee

Anonymous said...

"Go ahead and laugh now"

what is funny?
The Japanese Abe government think that they can say whatever they want and bully anybody who stand in front of them.
The Abe government is doing nothing to protect the population against the radionuclides while Kan is at least now joining anti-nuclear movement. I have respect for Kan who seems to regrets and, MOST IMPORTANT, he IS DOING something now to try to help against the dangers of nuclear explosions.
Abe does not have any compassion or interest in human (Japanese people) health from my point of view.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:17AM, laughter is a form of protest, and power. It tells the power that be that we're not taking any of them seriously, what they are doing is pathetically laughable. It also tell them we know what they are doing, what they are up to.

Anonymous said...

Some seem more interested in inspecting nuclear pants...
Completely OT ; japanese readers know about this, but english ones probably don't.
Politicians and UNESCO hand in hand have recently declared Mount Fuji a piece of the World Heritage. I think most Japanese had rather kept some privacy to their Holly Mountain, but who are they to have any kind of opinion ?
Some newbies were denied climbing, one with high heels (stilettos) - may-be a lady..., and one with "a T-shirt without sleeves" which might translate into an "I-shirt" ; up to you what I stands for here, as it's pretty cold at the top, even in summer.
I don't know what amount Mt Fuji could have an insurance for. But it could blow up. That's what a Kyoto University vulcanologist tells us on TV. The man is cute and used to medias. In order to look scientific he dresses like a punk. Very clever. A very interesting show about the Fuji eruption of the Edo times, with original drawings and writings.
A mapping of ashes deposit towards Edo.
Sadly, as all 3D makes look the same, the blow at mid-high of the mount looks pretty much like the 3D make of the french mishappenned nuclear test in Sahara.
Mount Fuji in the stock market anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Fujisan is no longer holy. Politicians and UNESCO? You're missing the local residents and Japanese in general, who are all for it. By being declared world heritage is a big, big deal for money making ventures for locals and Japan. Bring in tourists. Railway up the mountain!

JAnonymous said...


They are denying access to people because they are being swamped with tourist and locals. Why ? Not a direct consequence of the unesco thing...

If you want some more Fujisan news, be aware that from as soon as next year, there *might* be a fee for climbing. [Baseless?] rumor says as high as 7'000 JPY.

One of the reasons being that no ad billboard is allowed within X miles, meaning lost ad revenue must come from another source.

This brings us back to anon above : if we had Fuji in the stock market, Kuroda could help blow it, at least financially.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Phiphi here, I fogot to sign my post about Mt Fuji. Sure Kuroda would print as many 10 000 JPY notes as Fuji-san photos have been printed.
I may have misunderstood, but although I was driven to Mt Fuji by a very close Japanese friend, I have the experience of trying to schedule a climbing for a german artist, who climbs a mountaing on each of his birthday anniversary. I sent him to a good travel agency in Paris, a japanese one, who knows my company. They said no organized tour to Mt Fuji. Of course it is plain lying. From this I made up my mind they don't want but Japanese people up there.
Not a rant anyway.

No comment about the nuclear pants ? That's what I expected most. You win and you loose!


Anonymous said...

Mt. Fuji is a crowded highway all the way to the top and the top is a wasted dump.
Best when seen from far away.

-> Phiphi nuclear pants?!

Anonymous said...

Bleeding from Uranus is not a thing to be celebrated.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could sue Shinzo Abe (and anyone else) for being stupid.

Anonymous said...

A famous artist and art-theory master wrote - before WW II that future illiterate people would'nt lack readings text skills, but reading images. I don't feel like giving his name. Too much of a cheap tip.
Now if nobody posting here saw charming white pants in the pic above, I would think they're illiterate.
Or anus-obsessed ?

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