Thursday, July 18, 2013

UK's Channel 4: Inside Fukushima's Nuclear Exclusion Zone - Futaba-Machi

Correspondent Alex Thomson and his crew enter the 20-kilometer exclusion zone (which by the way is no longer there, as even Futaba-machi has agreed to be reorganized into three different zones with three different criteria for returning residents) and visit Futaba-machi.

TEPCO allowed them to spend 5 hours inside the zone.

At the last checkpoint, policemen politely bow to their car.

It is a surreal scene.

8 minutes into the video, Mr. Thomson says TEPCO has finally admitted that contaminated water is flowing into the ocean. I don't think TEPCO has said anything of that sort.

There is not much in the way of story-telling, but you get to see the deserted town of Futaba and wonder if there is any point of promising the residents that they can return sometime in the future.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tour inside the abandoned town. The video captures the sights and sounds of the 5 hour visit. The British teachers who lived there and are on the trip are obviously saddened about the changes and would like to be able to return and stay, if it was healthy to do so.

I found the sight of March 11, 2011 newspapers at the abandoned railroad station unsettling.

And I did wonder why they did not have disposable covers for their boots.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

>And I did wonder why they did not have disposable covers for their boots.

Good point. This is a town where the nuke plant is located...

a female Faust said...

for some reason the video was unavailable, but when i divorced it from its context (this post) it plays.

a code snippet for an alternate link, it's a popup (so unblock them) that does not betray its origin and so will always play.

right-click, open in new tab, and view source to copy-paste; ask me for the recipe if you like it.

thank you as always

a female Faust said...

oops, let me make that a *link*.....

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