Friday, December 13, 2013

(OT) Friday Humor: Sing Along! "The NSA Is Coming to Town..."

You better watch out, you better not Skype, you better Log Out, you better not type, The NSA is coming to town.

courtesy of ACLU...


Anonymous said...

LOL! Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Data collection for everyone! Glad to know I'm able to contribute. Are we growing the economy? Job creation? Here is another slice of tax dollars at work. DOE and Infoveillance...

Anonymous said...

OMG, love the clip. WTG, ACLU. Thanks for sharing, laprimavera.

@Anon at 9:12: Generally, I don't have a problem with collection and analysis of anonymous(!) data. It could be used for good things.

For instance, the report says in section 4 (only portion I read so far) on pdf page 34/document page 23: "...When the public is highly attentive to an issue, policymakers tend to give high priority to those issues, and policy change becomes more likely."
So, if data-mining reveals public concern about nuclear energy and this would then result in a policy shift from nuclear to alternative energy, for example, I would see that as data being used with good intentions and possibly for good results.

However, section 4 of the report on the public's "nuclear awareness," if you will, ends with this sentence: ... infoveillance and the associated analyses can provide feedback on the nature and breadth of public concerns in ways that can assist in the design and implementation of consent-based facility siting programs.
In combination with the geographic breakdown of public attention, I read that to mean, "We can figure out where people are likely to make the least fuzz over a nuclear (waste storage) site and put it there with less opposition."
So much for good intentions and using data-mining for the common good, however anonymous it might be.

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