Thursday, December 12, 2013

(OT) Year-End Recital Music

Just because I'm playing these pieces of music tomorrow, you get to hear them...

Frank Bridge: Sally in Our Ally (1916)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Devertimento D-Dur, Presto (K-136) (1772, when he was 16), Mito Chamber Orchestra conducted by Seiji Ozawa (1990, when Ozawa was 55)

Astor Piazzola: Jean y Paul (we're playing the strings arrangement of this piece)


Apolline said...

Astor Piazzola, french-style music ! Nice. :-)

Anonymous said...

The frank bridge piece is beutiful

Such a wistful composition of aching longing for better times whilst written one of the darkest periods of world history.

Pls ca change, plus la meme chose

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Thanks anon at 12:25PM for perspective. Frank Bridge's piece is a challenge, as each part by itself sounds very discordant, full of accidentals, but as a whole it is very consonant (albeit non-classical or traditional) and beautiful.

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