Saturday, December 14, 2013

(OT) Shutting Down Comment Section Temporarily

Probably due to the uncontrolled comment section of this blog and most likely due to the comment section of the particular posts (here and here, comments hidden) which is full of totally irrelevant comments, I've started to receive strange emails on strange topics from people I don't know and who should not have my personal email address.

The two events may not be related, though I suspect they are, judging by the content of the emails. I am shutting down the comment section temporarily (comments are restricted to members of this blog, which means me and myself). I am reporting these suspicious emails to the email provider, and doing whatever necessary (though I don't know what) to protect my privacy.

I am not for restricting the freedom of speech, but my right to privacy comes first, and this is my personal blog. I hope the shut down will be temporary.


Anonymous said...

Going by the content of those two posts, it was probably someone being butthurt that you even dared to express the fact that the U.S. actually has problems.

There seem to be a lot of people out there like that who go into denial meltdown when faced with facts, and lash out at whatever they can, however they can.

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