Sunday, October 16, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Mountains of Tyvek Suits at J-Village

Discarded Tyvek suits, 480,000 of them, which TEPCO would have to treat as low-level radioactive waste and dispose accordingly (unlike regular garbage or sewer sludge ash in Tokyo, which may be more contaminated than the Tyvek suits in Fuku I):

New Tyvek suits being distributed. Inventory at J-village, about 500,000:

A Tyvek suit costs about 1,000 yen (US$13) average in Japan, so it is costing TEPCO 1 billion yen ($13 million). As is usual for a big corporation like TEPCO, cost-cutting always starts at the bottom; the company is asking the Fuku I workers not to take more than one Tyvek suit.

According to one of the workers who tweet from Fukushima I Nuke Plant, TEPCO has already downgraded Tyvek suits quality. It used to be 1,440 yen per piece, now it's 840 yen, achieving 40% cost reduction.

The government, whether national or prefectural, shows no sign of helping TEPCO in any way when it comes to supporting and taking care of the workers at Fuku I. Instead, they want to waste taxpayers' money on inviting foreigners on free Japan trips (1 billion yen), inviting big social media writers (1.5 billion yen) to Tohoku, inviting IAEA "decontamination" mission who just recommended relaxing the standards (1 billion yen). Fukushima Prefecture is really raking in, over 100 billion yen for building a new cancer hospital at the medical university presided by Dr. Shunichi Yamashita.

Wasteful government spending continues no matter what happened, is happening, and will happen. That's how it goes, no matter where.


Anonymous said...

Minä kiitän sinua arevamirpal.

Moni herää vasta pakosta vastenmieliseen todellisuuteen, sillä hallitukset toimivat ympäri maailmaa samalla lailla.

Illuusio kauniista harhasta katoaa, kun alkaa tajuta, että kansalaisten hyvinvoinnista politiikot eivät välitä.

Anonymous said...

I thank thee arevamirpal.

Multiple wake up until forced repulsive reality, as governments around the world operate in the same way.

The illusion of a beautiful illusion disappears when you begin to realize that people do not care about the welfare of politicians.

Anonymous said...

500.000 suits - six months.

500.000 / 180 = 2.777

--->suits used by over 2500 persons per day. Most irradiated beyond repair (no counters as they said). Most wasted like their suits, no bookkeeping. Distributed all around like the CCCP liquidators...

Anonymous said...

"The illusion of a beautiful illusion disappears when you begin to realize that people do not care about the welfare of politicians."

Welfare of politicians?!

Anonymous said...

is that swedish in the first comment

Anonymous said...

"Is that swedish..."
No, it's finnish

Anonymous said...

True. Its Finnish. Its the Finnish brainless idiot (thus paid) nukepolice troll that has come also here - his cousins harassing and also jailing (asylum) nuke dissidents in Finland. Note: take care what u drink...

This funny jesuit fella thinks I can be scared. LOL. whatan idiot.

See how what what a real anti nuke activist writes (me). Activist after Fukushima.

Btw. I dont write here in Finnish - proves my point... well, if interestd, theres also the linky to my mirrored finn site. Mind u, more will spring up than theses nukelubed crimals can get blocked. Lawyers waiting.



Whatever, see the TEPCO recycle and Reactor 1. Sunshine -through walls at

My site at


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"The illusion of a beautiful illusion disappears when you begin to realize that people do not care about the welfare of politicians."
Welfare of politicians?!
October 17, 2011 7:06 AM

Yes. The idiot troll cannot even write - neither think - in Englitzh. In Finnish his txt is just the opposite = reversed: "että kansalaisten hyvinvoinnista politiikot eivät välitä." ---> means just the opposite.


Finn nukelubed killers r as shady folks as TEPCO, more so

Anonymous said...

Btw. This criminal has already breached my e-mail, no big feta; typically they have got all police resources behind... Luckily theyre all cowards and may as well end in jail. This process has already started.

Enjoy more of his Finn language bs.

Anonymous said...

i think the Finnish guy drank plutonium.

Anonymous said...

Also Sr-90 is still being distributed all around, everyone will enjoy their 'own' plutonium cocktail. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

"This funny jesuit fella thinks I can be scared. LOL. whatan idiot."

i'm far from being a jesuit. i live in south jersey and own a '98 cobra.
there is something terribly wrong with your head, bro. you are, like, a wild talking paranoid lunatic.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds of 2 different lamebrained Finns writing comments here in the same style and making the same grammar and spelling mistakes? Artolubed a.k.a "Finnish brainless idiot" now seems to be covering up his laughable politician goof by writing to himself. I think he is short circuiting. He has infiltrated his own email and is going to get himself arrested. HURRY UP DUDE.

Anonymous said...


He appears to be designed to distract. He may even sense his symptoms are from what, altitude sickness? oxygen deprivation? Jesuits seeking to lube us?

(the Jesuits can take some spooky pictures, but I haven't detected any attempts to convert here!)

A ready clue to those who feel a need to insult others in languages they aren't fluent in, Don't Do It, at least when refusing to learn afterward.

Linky back .. to yourself.

Getting back to the disaster at hand. That's quite a few workers to date, is work that hard to find in Japan?

Anonymous said...

How idiots identify emselves? Jesuits have never got any facts, only lies... ok. Maybe youre just a wannabe, eg. freemason.

Typo or not: idiots stumble on typos; the First finnish imitation sentence by the ? laughable 'cu bra owner' wannabefinn - who cant figure out correct finnish sentences neither translate correctly.

Typo isnt grammatical nonsense. My trademark...
is lots of typos, not ashamed cause I have the facts right.

For the innocent, lets return into THE FACTS. Continue only if u got some:

Anonymous said...

A wannabefinn? Who the hell would wannabe Finn after experiencing your incessant nonsense.

Nancygirrrl said...

"Finn nukelubed killers r as shady folks as TEPCO, more so"

OMG, the Finns have a deathsquad targeting pro-nukes. I did not know this. Whoa...Finland is awesome. Why would the killers of pro-nukes be shady? Isn't this a good thing?

Anonymous said...


Your trade mark is to distract the people here because they are completely against nuclear power. The troll lab's assignment is to distract long enough to get approval for a national repository like the Swedes are doing. Finland is close to Sweden, so you'll pretend your a Finn.

And on a site where links were bound to be made eventually to past CIA efforts to keep nuclear accidents out of the public's consciousness, well, here you are pretending everyone here is a Jesuit tool like that Philip Agee fellow.
(Time to retire.)

Note your frequent leaps of acid-launched logic, felt to be necessary because everyone here is a hippie, presumably.
And the real effect is you've been found "OUT".
(It just ain't credible.)

Clear enough??

Ivan said...

I still think he is metalhead; meaning listens to heavy metal music like Finns do while drinking heavily. Maybe mother or father took away CDs and hide his vodka so he is going crazy. I don't think anymore that he is Russian. Never seen a Russian troll so stupid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with OCTOBER 17, 2011 3:54. He's Swedish masquerading as a Finn. Well, both of him.

Anonymous said...

Ivan said...
"... Maybe mother or father took away CDs and hide his vodka so he is going crazy."

Maybe we can Paypal him a beer or something.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:20, he's an American masquerading as a Russian. Or as jmstone would have it, an Iranian masquerading as an Israeli.


".. listens to heavy metal music like Finns do while drinking heavily."
Good, good.
I still say he's an American tripping out on our attention, w/LSD. lol

R2 is "OUT".

Anonymous said...

How about the facts? Anybody?

I mean the issue used to be TEPCO pants before this hillaryous wannabefin viper viper.


Historical Pantsy Lesson: Nasser's generals told him that Israelites had bought million red shirts. He sent his agents to seek out why... After a year, they returned with an explanation: "its because in a battle the fighters wont get scared when blood is spilled all over your mate...

Immediately Nasser gave an order to his generals: "You must order 3 million brown trousers!"

How do I know? The finn garment factory worked in three shifts to fill that order in the fifties. Finns got it - as earlier 10 million pair order (russians are faster gettin it) had built the industry capacity...

Got ? it ... if so, tell mama its hi time to order. Finns (the authentic ones) are waiting.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody f'ing understand what OCTOBER 18, 2011 6:45 wrote? We're talking Tyvek suits, not shitting in Finnish trousers.

Anonymous said...

R2 wants you to know he works for the globalists, too. Why's that important? He knows we're anti-globalists, too.

Still working the themes that bother. Nukes, globalisms of various purposes, HAARP because of its potential climate-altering capabilities. He has been careful to never mention the climate-HAARP connection here, though. His presentation is tailormade for this site.
Jesuits because he believes everyone here only pretends to care for others, like the Jesuits, therefore accusing us of being phony.
As somebody said, he's short-circuited.

Bears repeating, "We're talking Tyvek suits, not shitting in Finnish trousers."



Anonymous said...

And just to show my complete understanding of the R2 moment,

he mentioned brown trousers,

so logically, as he feels we're being "lubed",

he's calling us shitheads .. as in brow' trou'.


Anonymous said...

".. listens to heavy metal music like Finns do while drinking heavily and shitting in their Finnish trousers, waiting expectently for the deathsquads to arrive .. fighting off the effects of altitude sickness .."


SouthJerseyJoey said...

the bro is clearly warning us in his unique writing style that shirts and pants made in finland suck bigtime. has anyone even seen anything made in finnland being sold at any store. no. rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Finland itself has completely unintelligible language with 84.5% vowels, it's worse than Hungarian and so confusing that lots of Finns give up and learn Swedish or move to mainland Russia(Finland is extention). Knowing this makes me understand and feel sad for stupid Finnish troll but not much.

gracie42 said...

Finland is where the Russians sent their condemmed. That's where the gulag was. Now populated by the crazy descendants of prisoners. Explains things.

the voice in your head said...


Yes! Finland was a communist Scandinavian(another LOL) country!!

evo said...

He/she is constantly writing "y'all" which makes me certain the troll person is Swedish as they are used to saying "ya" all the time.

Anonymous said...


I called the main sales office. No single orders since obummers 1million. Tooooooo stinky bad ... Even Nasser knew you have No Way To Shoot while sitting in sit tings. Facts - Never given to conscripts.

TYVEK suits, anybody?

the voice in your head said...

Anyone understand the latest gööbledii göökk?

SouthJerseyJoey said...

"Even Nasser knew you have No Way To Shoot while sitting in sit tings."

so the finns make brown pants that are supposed to prevent the shits. in an earlier post it was just to hide the shits. which one is it? you are starting to worry me, bro. all this talk about your "friend" arto, lubes, shitty brown finnish pants, army conscripts... is getting very disturbing, as another commenter pointed "OUT", even for a finn.

Anonymous said...

Liars shall be destroyed for ever.

Anonymous said...

R2 fears his brain is being taken over by a homolog to the ant fungus, likens the symptoms to drunkenness, uncontrollable shitting, 'having a bad day retail' experiences, and of course, altitude sickness.
Not to forget being violated by Jesuits.


And being asked by his therapist "does it hurt sometimes"?

(We are doing our best to enlighten the mood of the Japanese we know are human.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: October 16, 2011 9:48 PM

I am really sorry. I used the Google translator and didn't check the text and it went all wrong.

This is what I meant to write:

I thank you arevamirpal .

Many of us only wake up to the unpleasant reality when forced to,
because governments act the same way all around the world.

The beautiful illusion vanishes in the air when one realizes that the politicians
don't care about the welfare of the citizens.

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