Saturday, October 22, 2011

Japanese Critic Plans "Hotel Radioactivity" in Fukushima (Seriously)

A Japanese critic and commentator with numerous books and writings to his credit says he's planning to build a hotel in Fukushima Prefecture to benefit from the hormesis effect of low-dose radiation.

I don't know anything about this person, never read his book or writings (if you read Japanese, this is his wiki entry). Since the Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident, he has apparently amassed a huge following among those who believe radiation is safe as exists right now in Japan and heavily criticize anyone who disagree with them, experts or lay people.

For a different point of view, from Mr. Takahiko Soejima's post on his site, dated October 18 and posted on October 19, 2011 (my translation hardly does justice to the original Japanese):

都路の活動本部を、弟子たちと現地の支援者たちだけに責(まか)せておくわけにはゆきません。 私が行って、あのあたりに、  宗教研究家の中矢伸一(なかやしんいち)氏らとも協力して、「健康ランド」とか、「低線量(ていせんりょう。微量の意味)の放射線は人体に良い影響を与える」ことの証明としての 「ホテル 放射能」 を建設しようかと、考え始めています。 また、私たちの 愚かな 「放射能コワイ、コワイ」派の敵どもが、私のこの 「ホテル 放射能」 ( 「ホテル・カリフォルニア」ではありません、「アトミック カフェ」でもありません)の話に飛びついて、ギャーギャー騒ぐでしょう。

I cannot just leave the Miyakoji [about 20 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant] headquarters to my disciples and local supporters. I am thinking about building a "Health Land" or a "Hotel Radioactivity" to prove "low-level radiation exerts beneficial effect on human body", in collaboration with Mr. Shinichi Nakaya, a religious scholar. Again, our stupid enemies who say "Radiation is so so scary" will no doubt make a racket about my "Hotel Radioactivity" (it's not "Hotel California" or "Atomic Cafe").

 本当に、この愚か者たちは、自分の脳に張り付いた 放射能恐怖症で、生来の臆病さ と、ものごとを冷静に考えて判断する能力がないから、救いようのない者たちだと、思います。

Seriously, these idiots are just hopeless with their radiation phobia stuck inside their brains, combined with their inherent cowardice and inability to think calmly and judge things.

私たち学問道場が、3月の原発事故の直後から、これほど頑張って、現地に入って活動を続け、冷徹な客観報道をして、「これぐらいの超微量(ちょうびりょう)の放射線量は 人間の体に害を与えない」と 書き続けた。のに、 それでもまだ、説得されないで、今も、バカな恐怖症言論を撒(ま)き散らしている。

Since the beginning of the nuclear accident in March, our group has done a tremendous job in Fukushima, dispatching the objective news and writing "Such a ultra-minute amount of radiation does not harm human body". However, [these idiots] are still not convinced, and continue to spew their stupid words of radiation phobia.


Anonymous said...

People like that deserve it -- as disgusting as it is, they can only learn through their own pain, not that of others.

I only wish they had their own planet to experiment on.

I think you should consider leaving. With idiots like these, contamination will continue to spread.

Anonymous said...

there are some=ALL/especiallyTEPCO very smart PRO nuclear people who will go nowhere near Fukushima. some of them should have & a few did + the American French Arab contingent->story for another day. reminds me of planet of the apes where the people were worshiping the nuclear warhead but I didn't pay attention to their agenda But attention to they peeling their faces off.
Now I can't help but think of the Poseidon Movie where the ship's officer lead all the people the wrong way & a small contentious diverse group (real OWS) went the other way & won "something."

Anonymous said...

".. combined with their inherent cowardice .."

Maybe he'll set up camp within the 20-kilometer zone, produce terato-children w/his trophy clusterfuck wife and clamor for attention when his stage 4 gets TRULY out of hand.

To each their own.

".. PRO nuclear people who will go nowhere near Fukushima."
The ability to discern things is good.
Has health benefits, lol.

Morbid said...

It's another Darwin Award moment, err... mass moment.

"The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, to recognize individuals who contribute to human evolution by self-selecting themselves out of the gene pool, through putting themselves (unnecessarily) in life-threatening situations.

Five requirements for a Darwin Award:

1) Nominee must be dead or rendered sterile.
2) Exhibited astoundingly stupid judgment.
3) Are cause of own demise.
4) Are capable of sound judgment.
5) The event must be verified"

Steveo said...

BAKA will have a whole new meaning when the truth comes out!

Anonymous said...

oh its a nice health resort with hotspring as well? very cell-renewing actually ...

Anonymous said...

Ultra-minute amount of radiation!!! :-0

Anonymous said...

So why aren't residents around Chernobyl a model of health? What, didn't they smile enough?

Anonymous said...

These guys take X-men: first class too seriously.

DD said...

There might be something in believing your own propaganda that technology can fix anything.. I mean, keep away from people who exhibit this trait.

Anonymous said...

(cr here)

"'Help' means ruin, and 'saving' means slaying."

Beware psychopaths in high places (where the sneakiest ones strive to be; so they will never be held accountable for their misdeeds).

For the (too few) "reality-based" people, it doesn't matter how many times evil (and/ or their underling 'jobsworth') people claim _we're_ the ones who aren't thinking clearly and aren't making good judgements.

Better for society and future generations
(that psychopathic 'globalistas' couldn't care less about)
to be proactive
rather than not be able to 'handle the truth' and be Willfully Blind to harm until the (long-forseen by the wiser few) consequences can no longer be hidden and must be reacted to somehow
(and maximum, unmitigated, harm will be the crop TEPCO, GE, and govts' officials are now trying to hide: until they themselves won't be around to be tracked down by the, uh, 99% of Japanese who could not afford to emigrate -or at least send their children abroad, preferably to the S. hemisphere- last March nor since).

"Magical-thinking" Optimists should be kept from actions which ruin our ecosystem and children's health
- where all da honest, ethical, science-loving Pessimists at?

Anonymous said...

Lets hope this cunt who plans this sick hotel gets radiation poisoning and dies, do us all a favour.... Some people are beneath contempt

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