Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Birth Of Barter: How One Greek Town Dropped The Euro And Moved On

This BBC News segment was posted on Zero Hedge (4/18/2012), by Tyler:

Greece was the first country to defect from the non-default game theory regime of the European Union (a move which ultimately will be in its great benefit, as it is forced, very shortly, to default higher and higher into the 177% of GDP secured debt, until finally even the Troika's DIP loan is impaired). It has also become the first country to demonstrate that people can, contrary to apocalyptic claims otherwise by the global banker consortium which realizes oh too well it will be its death if people stop playing by the broken rules, exist under a barter regime. The video below shows how the Greek town of Volos develops its own bartering system without the aid of the euro. Yes - it can be done, especially since one is forced to produce in order to consume, and borrowing infinitely from the future becomes impossible.


Maju said...

This happened in Argentina also a decade ago. The situations are very similar in so many aspects...

Anonymous said...

Great idea, cut the zionists out of the loop..fuck the euro and the NWO crap

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