Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Photos and Videos of #Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 2 Torus Room

TEPCO released more photos of the Reactor 2 Torus Room taken by the robot "Survey Runner" on April 18.

As I posted yesterday, about 90% of the circumference of the torus was covered by the robot, instead of about 1/3 to 1/2 that TEPCO had anticipated.

It looks dry for the most part, but the robot did see the water (the 7th photo).

From TEPCO's Photo for Press page, 4/19/2012:

Toward PCV (Primary Containment Vessel):

Above the southeast S/C (suppression chamber) manhole:

The southeast S/C manhole:

The north S/C manhole:

Northeast passage:

Above the northeast passage:

Lower part of the Torus Room:

Above the south passage:

I'm downloading the videos (there are 6 of them), but you can view them at TEPCO's page here.


Anonymous said...

Does not seem to be too damp inside the Torus room. This could mean that :

A) whatever amount of the corium that escaped the containment is well submerged under the water and cooled properly

B) more likely, the corium did not leave the containment in reactor 2.

Anonymous said...

C)pictures do not convey the actual

Anonymous said...

I agree with C. In 1995 there was a large sodium leak at the Monju reactor in Japan. They released a few photos showing very minor damage. Later a video was leaked showing EXTENSIVE damage and leaked sodium. It's easy to manipulate how things look by selecting what photos to show/not show.

Atomfritz said...

"It's easy to manipulate how things look by selecting what photos to show/not show."

As seen with the recent release of a photo showing #3 equipment hatch door being open.

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