Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#Radioactive Japan: 3 Mayors of Aichi Prefecture Demand Disaster Debris Be Shared by Other Cities

"Why just us? Spread the debris thin and wide so that every city gets to burn some and bury some," said 3 mayors whose cities are set to receive the disaster debris if the governor has his wish fulfilled.

Aichi is the prefecture whose governor decided to use Toyota Motor's factory compound as the final disposal site for the ashes, and grabbed 600 million yen without the legislative authorization to "study" the matter.

From Tokyo Shinbun reporting Kyodo News (4/17/2012):

愛知県のがれき3カ所限定に不満 受け入れ先の市長ら

Mayors of three Aichi cities which are to accept disaster debris are unhappy that disaster debris will only come to their cities


In the meeting of the Conference of Mayors in Nagoya City on April 17 over the plan to process the disaster debris at 3 locations in the prefecture, the mayors of the three cities complained to the prefectural government that "the debris should be accepted at more locations in smaller quantities, and should not be confined to only three locations".


The prefectural government is planning to build new facilities at Chubu Electric Thermal Power Station in Hekinan City, the final disposal site of the Nagoya Port Authority in Chita City, and Toyota Motors Tahara Factory in Tahara City.


38 cities in Aichi Prefectures are the members of the Mayors Conference whose meetings are not open to public. [On April 17] 22 mayors attended the meeting. According to the person involved, the vice governor of Aichi asked for understanding regarding the debris disposal, but the mayor of Hekinan City asked why it would be necessary to build three final disposal sites.

Well, if I remember right, the Aichi governor wants to burn 1 million tonnes of disaster debris. Aichi may need three new final disposal sites.


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Mayors: JUST SAY NO. If they start hauling the stuff through your cities, arrest them.

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