Friday, April 20, 2012

Japan's Emperor Speaks About Disaster Debris, And the Media Edits

The emperor of Japan, during the annual Spring Garden Party that he hosts, talked to the governor of Miyagi Prefecture and asked him about the disaster debris. Depending on the newspaper you read, you would get a different idea on what the emperor may have said.

Not surprisingly, Tokyo Shinbun (4/19/2012) focused on the concern that the emperor expressed regarding the disaster debris disposal:


His Imperial Majesty talked about the disaster debris processing with Governor Murai [of Miyagi Prefecture], and said "There are dangerous substances in the debris, aren't there? Like asbestos? I hope you would take ample precaution in processing [the debris]", expressing his consideration for the health of the workers. 

Surprisingly, Sankei Shinbun is the close second:


His Majesty asked Governor Yoshihiro Murai of disaster-affected Miyagi Prefecture, "There are dangerous substances in the debris, aren't there?" He continued, "I hope you would take ample precaution in processing [the debris]", showing his consideration.

Nikkei Shinbun's focus is not his concern for the dangerous substances in the debris but the success of wide-area disposal of the disaster debris:


 His Majesty asked Governor Murai "How is the disaster debris?" The governor answered, "We are receiving the warm support from all over the country to accept the debris. We will try our best to process it quickly." 

If you understand Japanese, the above quotes are taken from this blog, which also has a video clip from the news.

People may remember the emperor's speech during the memorial ceremony of the March 11, 2011, in which he spoke to the people who perished in the disaster and addressed the concern of radioactive contamination.


Anonymous said...

something for everyone

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I visited a monument to Emperor Kameyama. It's on the site of the 1274 battle in which Kublai Khan's Mongols tried unsuccessfully to add Japan to their vast asian conquests.

This was a very long time ago, but Emperor Kameyama was already the 90th emperor of Japan at the time. Emperor Akihito, Japan's current emperor, is the 125th.

Through its long history, Japan has survived military, cultural, and technological invasions. It was spared Mongol conquest in the 13th century. It has survived both of the world's only war-time nuclear bombs. And from the ashes of WWII, it eventually became the second largest economy of the world.

Japan has survived so long.

But Japan now faces its greatest enemy yet, an enemy so powerful that no man anywhere knows how to control it once it starts its course of destruction. Worse, that enemy has powerful allies in the highest seats of power inside Japan's government itself. At their hands, Japan is on the brink of anaihilation.

Japan's very survival is at stake. The emperor must do more. He must explain the historic priorities to all of the Japanese people.

Japan can survive without nuclear energy. It did so for thousands of years.

It should be clear also from recent history that Japan CANNOT survive WITH nuclear energy.

The emperor must do more to ensure the country has the correct priorities and perspective on this problem.

Nuclear energy must be stopped at all 54 commercial scale nuclear power plants.

Nuclear waste being stored at all 54 of Japan's nuclear plants must be permanently sealed in safe storage casks - most likely in Fukushima.

The waste created by TEPCO's disaster must be moved back to the Fukushima area. It must not be spread through ashes, air, or through blending into products and food.

The farms and businesses in the Fukushima area must be closed.

The people of the Fukushima area must be relocated.

TEPCO's mess must be fully secured against further calamities while the site is cleaned up - without tight-fisted TEPCO deciding what to spend on the problem.

Emperor Akihito must be more clear and direct. THIS is Japan's most challenging time ever. His perspective is very much needed. And it is needed now more than ever in Japan's history.


Chibaguy said...

@anon 2:37, one of the best comments I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is the one. @anon 2:37

We need to reproduce this to be signed by everyone who cares about Japan and then presented to His Imperial Majesty.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Just a word of caution... The last time the emperor had, sort of, executive power, Japan went to war. Problem is not him, but people around him who want to use him. Like the mayor of Osaka City.

The emperor in Japan is unlike other constitutional monarchs in the world. He is not exactly the head of the state.

Chibaguy said...

My understanding is that the emperor has the power to dissovle the parliment but he must have consent from the ministers or cabinet. We all know that will not happen. I know he is a figure head but he understands Japan better than any of those idiots "in charge."

Anonymous said...

Clearly, quoting is a lost art. It must be excruciatingly difficult to transcribe speech accurately.

Anonymous said...

The emperor's power is in his voice. He does not need legal powers. It would be enough if he simply addressed the people honestly and openly about the true nature of the crisis Japan is facing. The politicians would be shamed into acting, and the people would hold them accountable.

Please feel free to distribute my earlier comment as widely as you are able. Please feel free to edit it or plagarize it or whatever you need. The reason I write these comments is to offer speaking points to anyone who can use them in the fight. (I have no sword but my pen is pretty sharp).

We are all in this together; do whatever you can to get the word out.


Chibaguy said...

@anon 2:37, what you wrote is what should have been done since the onset. Very powerful words with complete common sense. I do not know what the ilk like Hosono think of the emperor now, but if he wanted to get out this message he could. I am not hoping for anything though but such a message would be a game changer. The Japanese are all about procedures and tradition so such a statement would trigger the older generations to think. That is his audience and unfortunately they make up most of Japan.

I know this much, Utsunomiya, Shin Shirakawa, Koriyama, Fukushima and Sendai are at great risk. When one of these areas starts to get significantly sick, there goes northern Japan. I think it is better to getter these people out and admit the problem than waiting for the inevitable. Admit it and they can actually start with real recovery.

Michaël said...

I once made a document about some historical aspect of the imperial throne in Japan for a better understanding of the true situation ofthe imperial family in japan, and I posted it on a group mainly focused on the fukushima disaster. Being a 19-year-old student in japanese civilization, it is only an amator analysis of the whole thing, so please anyone who have some knowledge about it feel free to tell me if it's good enough or not (it's pretty long though, good reading for anyone):

Anonymous said...

Print them out, sign and send.

We must do something.

Anonymous said...

In a world where Ignorance and Arogance is the New Way, the Emperor is a light in the darkness, no matter of the constitutional regulations of his Powers.

This self imposed lie on the reality of the issues regarding the Future of Japan rests solely in the hands of a Lunatic fringe. That so far have done nothing, everything have and is still elscalating in scope and scale.
And Nothing is done.

The ony advise I can give in all humbelness is that the Emperor takes off his cloves and starts to punchthe Goverment and the cenicidial criminals in charge of this mess. We need a leading star when it comes to just that, to lett go of the fear of claming justice and actions. And remeber this is coverup of the wurst industrial accsident ever in mankinds history.
This is a global event.
And even on that arena the Eperor is alone.
There rests a lott on the shoulders of those that know more than we do.
Dont forgett the simple fact that this is going to be dealt with, it may be a wile still, a year or to, butt the revelation will come.
With the present rate, wery soon, and that is because of the size of this catasrofe.

Wake up Japan, or you are to late to do anything.

And dont forgett why this is happening, its to save some shareholders that owns the TEPCO and the Nucklear Industy complex.
A colstly prize, a hole nation and its entire future down the drain, just for a litle group of people, that is somewhere esle.
Japan is doomed if it dont take this seriously as it demands, because this is real deal.

Wakp up Japan or its to late.


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