Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Greek Pensioner Hangs Himself In Protest That "Greece Will Be Wiped Off The Map"

From Zero Hedge (5/30/2012):

Two months ago, an elderly Greek took his life in broad daylight in Athens' central square while decrying the country's traitors in government, and who preferred to take his own life than to defer his debts to his children or "fishing through garbage cans for his sustenance." Hours ago, another tragedy struck.
From Athens News:

A 61-year old pensioner was found hanging from a tree on Wednesday, in the Agios Filipos park of the Nikaia area. The lifeless body of the pensioner was discovered by a park attendant, who also found his suicide note which read as follows:

"The police does not know me. I have never touched a drink in my life. Of women and drugs I have never even dreamed of. I have never been to a kafenio (coffee house), I just worked all day! But I commited one horrendous crime: I became a professional at age 40 and I plunged myself in debt. Now, I’m an idiot of 61 years and I have to pay. I hope my grandchildren are not born in Greece, seeing as there will be no Greeks here from now on. Let them at least know another language, because Greek will be wiped off the map! Unless of course there was a politician with Thatcher’s balls so as to put us and our state in line.

Signed, Alexandros 29/5/2012”

His neighbours described the pensioner – a father of two- as a hard working man. He had been employed in ship repairs and construction sites and up until recently, he had been working as an electrician on a merchant ship.

He was facing sizeable financial problems and it was these that pushed him over the edge.

According to neighbours, prior to taking his own life, he was seen wearing his work overalls, carrying his tools and sitting on a bench in the park.


The Maastricht Treaty was signed in February 1992, around the time when this pensioner took on debt.


TechDud said...

And no thoughts of possible foul play?
..."seen carrying his tools."
not seen carrying tools, and rope. Note the date of the suicide note & when he was found. I am not saying that he didn't take his own life; i merely question the lack of details in the original article.

Thanks to EX-SKF, Fukushima-Diary & ENENews, i do not accept everything i am told at face value any longer.

I followed the link back to Athens News, yet their information was not more forthcoming.

Atomfritz said...

Thanks, LaPrimavera, for pointing to the 20-year anniversary of the Maastricht treaty.

This desperate Greekman will probably be only one of many unnamed victims of the banksters.

Refreshed my recollection through the Wiki link.
Remembered that even back in these times when Greece was allowed the Euro, it was widely discussed that it was only possible for Greece to join the Euro currency by excessively "creative" statistics that "proved" that Greece satisfied the Euro criteria.
Many people protested, some even sued against Greece joining the Euro, but were turned down.
Now the damage is done, the mess is fully there.

Cui bono?

OT: I can't help having had a good laugh when I saw the cartoon:

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Atomfritz, yup, that creative accounting and financing was courtesy of the Vampire Squid, aka Goldman Sachs. Who's the president of ECB now? Goldman Sachs alum. Who's Italy's PM? Goldman Sachs alum. Who's Greece's Prez? Goldman Sachs alum. Goldman Sachs doing the God's work.

Still, I pay a lot of attention when a highly successful Goldman alum speaks like this:

Anonymous said...

Thatcher? But everyone is a frigging mini-Thatcher!
Hollande, Papandreou, Hillary, Obama...

What an idiot. As long as ethnicities exist (and they are by no means eternal), Greeks will be one of them. Time for Greeks to stop fantasizing about the UK and the US, and for the rest of the world to look at themselves.

Anonymous said...

That's really low class to call him "an idiot".

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