Thursday, May 31, 2012

#Radiation Exposure of Children to Be Measured in Miyagi to See if Decontamination Work Is Effective

Researchers from Tohoku University are going to monitor the radiation exposure of children in a town in southern Miyagi Prefecture bordering Fukushima Prefecture. It's not that they are particularly worried about the potential negative effect on radiation on the children's health. They want to evaluate how effective the decontamination will be, and they want to use children as indicators (if I may be so cynical).

From NHK News (6/1/2012):


A group of researchers in the graduate school of Tohoku University will measure the levels of radiation exposure of children for four years to see if the decontamination work is effective in Marumori-cho in Miyagi Prefecture where the decontamination work is set to start.


Marumori-cho in Miyagi Prefecture is situated near the border to Fukushima Prefecture, and has relatively high levels of radiation. It is designated as the area where the national government will pay for the decontamination of soil.


The decontamination will start this summer and take about 3 and a half years. A research group led by Hiroko Yoshida, lecturer at the Graduate School of Tohoku University, has been conducting the survey of radiation exposure in Marumori-cho. Her group is going to measure the radiation exposure of children for the next 4 years to see if the decontamination work is effective.


The subjects will be about 1,300 children up to junior high school ages and their parents who live in Marumori-cho. The group will soon have the meeting for the local residents and ask for volunteers.


Lecturer Yoshida says, "The decontamination work will start with the public buildings like schools, but children tend to be at their homes longer. We would like to study how the decontamination can reduce the effect of radiation on children."

On a separate news, Koriyama City will start lending out personal survey meters to pregnant women so that they can see their cumulative radiation exposure during their pregnancies.

But as the Rinzai monk/author in Miharu-machi in Fukushima says, children are stronger in resisting radiation. Then the unborn children inside the mothers' wombs must be even stronger (if I may be more cynical).


Anonymous said...

Why get cynical? Japan is lost anyway.

Anonymous said...

It is not you, laprimavera, who is cynical. It is those that claim you can just clean up a little after a nuclear accident and all is well again, only to admit that studies will need to be done to see how well "well" actually is.

Anonymous said...

It's not 18 months after the's 18 months into the accident.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 4:04: Although I was using the phrase "to clean up after something/-one" not in a sense of the accident being over, you make a very good point that is very worthwhile remembering. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY to accurately determine the full exposure of the children without some sort of accumulation method. STARTING from 311! When I hear "check decontamination" --its a bogus study and effort from the beginning. Wonder if they are going to check the newborns....same thing as cesium passes the placental barrier.

Fake Science is alive and well in Japan..and USA and...

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a while before these people realise that sweeping their doorstep or mopping the floor isn't legitimate decontamination.

Anonymous said...

"But as the Rinzai monk/author in Miharu-machi in Fukushima says, children are stronger in resisting radiation. Then the unborn children inside the mothers' wombs must be even stronger (if I may be more cynical)."

This is the type of OPPOSITES that you will get from the "walking dead". People should learn to spot such walking dead zombies becuase they are dangerous to the heats of the weak and ignorant!.
This is clearly a very shameful statement.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Soooooo, like, like
like, when people/children etc start dying in bigger and bigger numbers,,,, what then, will people still blup blup blup around like the pickles in that old atari burger game like idiots????
Death is a pretty big deal right? it's permanent, it should matter....???
I like how they can be so laissez faire' with people and children, like it's A-OK, like there's nothing wrong with what they are going to do> and people will go for it, oh yes, they couldn't do it without people or children, no quams, no problems, so I'm ok with it, and they will all die, possibly even all of japan. You have psychologists in japan, since this is ok the psychologists will be ok with it too, and your/our/global psychologists think "if fuel pool four falls or whatever we'll just evacuate tokyo when that happens" is SANE? GOODGRIEF CHARLIE BROWN/GOOD RIDDANCE. If I drink gallon of gasoline AND YOU SAY NO! POISON!!! I die from my stupidity AND RIGHTFULLY SO. btw I'm not 4 and I know gasoline will kill me but I drink it anyway, LA DEE DA japan,,, LA DEE DUh.

Anonymous said...

How much do you think japan's worth?
If it's unlivable, can you go out and buy a new one? what would that cost? Is it ok to be dumb with "stuff" and do that to your land and people? oh it is? ok, carry on then.
Japan's gone by the way, you're just in denial and have rose colored glasses on since the very very worst hasn't happened yet and most of the releases went into the ocean and the usa/canada, if they hadn't, well the loss of japan would have happened much sooner.
fukushima diary is the best, Hai Mochizucchini

Anonymous said...

I don't like how casually children became "subjects" in this genocide analysis manifesto propaganda release.

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