Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kyoto Proposes to Become "Backup Capital" in a Disaster

They are counting that whatever disaster hits Tokyo won't hit Kyoto at the same time.

Kyoto is not without danger, as it is located downwind from the "Nuclear Ginza" (including Ooi Nuclear Power Plant and Monju) in Fukui Prefecture. For that matter, nowhere in Japan seems safe from a nuclear accident.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (5/31/2012):

皇室や文化庁 京へ移転を 首都バックアップ検討委

Capital backup committee suggests the Imperial Household and the Agency for Cultural Affairs move to Kyoto


A meeting of a study committee regarding the backup of functions of the capital in time of a disaster was held on May 30 in Kamigyoku [district of Kyoto City]. The interim report was almost complete, which would include having the Imperial Household residing in Kyoto and moving the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


The committee is made up of officials in Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City and persons of experience and academic standing. The areas that would host the backup functions would be Kyoto City center, Katsura Innovation Park, Rakunan Shinto, [Kansai] Cultural and Academic Research City.


The committee acknowledged Kyoto to have a low possibility to be hit by a disaster at the same time as the Tokyo metropolitan areas, and to be easily accessible geographically. In addition, the existence of Kyoto Imperial Palace and Kyoto State Guest House makes it easier for the Imperial Household to reside in Kyoto and conduct ceremonies. The committee will suggest to the national government to move the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Japan Tourism Agency and to strengthen the Kyoto International Conference Hall to serve as the National Diet and the Prime Minister's Official Residence.


Anonymous said...

I think it says something about the Japanese government's lack of contingency/risk planning that nothing like this has been decided previously.

And it should be a huge, flashing red warning reminder to anyone who would now believe their assurances that nuclear power plants like Ooi are safe to restart.

If they can't plan ahead for the tsunami that hit Fukushima. If they can't plan ahead for the relocation of the capital before it was almost wiped out by a utility company's mismanagement. If it takes them a week of logitical preparation to be ready to defend Japan's shores from a North Korean satellite/missle launch (what happens when the real shooting starts without any advance warning?). Then we can't trust them with operating or safeguarding any nuclear power plants. They are incompetent to manage risk.

This is just more proof.

Don't let them restart Ooi, or any other nuclear power station.

Anonymous said...

They're already IN a disaster.

A year after dangerous radiation contaminates most of Japan, Japanese governments scramble to decide a backup capital in the rare case that dangerous radiation contaminates most of Japan.

Fail much?

Anonymous said...

"Most of Japan" is NOT dangerously contaminated.

Anonymous said...

anon above, I know. And it doesn't matter a bit to many English-speaking readers who devour crap like this, with the opening sentence:

"The operator of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant has been dumping something like a thousand tons per day of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean."

You go to the "thousand tons per day" link, and Mainichi article says TEPCO is thinking about diverting groundwater before it enters reactor/turbine buildings (i.e. before the water gets contaminated by being mixed with the contaminated water). But in "George Washington"s mind, the water is contaminated and TEPCO has been dumping it.

Anything that exaggerates or lies (like in this case) about the situation in Fukushima gets eyeballs, and no one cares to know what is really happening.

Flo said...

"and no one cares to know what is really happening"

... that's not exactly true. So feel free to share your knowledge of "what's really happening" with us, anonymous from above. :)

Anonymous said...

Japan Radiation Expert: "My results show contamination has spread ALL over the country." (VIDEO)

Anonymous said...

Anon above, thanks for the link. But for that matter, contamination has spread all over the northern hemisphere. So?

That's the same expert by the way who said the Minami Soma woman was suffering from "feminine stress".

Anonymous said...

To Anon: (Above)
My post was in response to the earlier comment that "Most of Japan" is NOT dangerously contaminated." I do not appreciate Kimura's statement regarding Minami Soma, but I do appreciate that he is conducting comprehensive testing and analysis to arrive at his conclusion that contamination has spread throughout Japan. That certainly isn't being done through "all over the northern hemisphere."

Joe Bassett said...

WHo believes for a second the Germans would have already had this taken care of? This is where the differences in people really show. The Germans have decided to quit using nuclear energy. I wish the world was full of Germans. They created so many breed of dogs and they invented so many things and they stopped Communism from taking the rest of Europe. The French say, we are damn glad France is not where Germany is.

Maybe the Japanese should call in the Germans. The Japanese can't handle this. The Germans decided to stop using nuclear power, but the Japanese haven't made that decision. They can claim how smart they are, but they got to show me something.

Doug Eberspacher said...

If Chernobyl destroyed an area 350 mile radius, then this plant has certainly destroyed Japan. The country should have already been evacuated. If the people don't leave are we still suppose to assume they are as intelligent as caucasians? If mean they can't read and learn that it's time to get out?

Gene Ashton said...

When do they ever tell the truth? We know they have lied about every war. We know they lied to the people who clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill and they got sick and they didn't warn the people in the gulf. They told everyone the gulf is safe and the food is great. But then later they closed the gulf.

Does anyone believe they are telling the truth about this nuclear power plant? If the Japanese don't get out of there they are stupid. What about Hawaii? That place must be radiated.

Bonnie Sue Harrison Hicks said...

If a nuclear power plant releases radiation. I don't care what kind if you are down wind from the plant you gather up your mness and haul arse. Because the elite want to get rid of 5 billion people. If this is the case why would they warn anyone? That would not make any sense.

The gulf toxins they might know right now that anyone that eats that stuff they are doomed. The same for eating radiated seafood from the Pacific.

The cancer hospitals who lie to the people will be very busy. But don't let them fool you. Cancer has been cured If they lie about cancer they lies about everything.

The government does not want us growing our own food and taking herbs and supplements. They would not want to up the retirement age to 100. So I got news I would be suspicious of any seafood. I mean you wouldn't know where it is from. You can't eat radiated seafood. I bet right now cancers have increased by double since the gulf spill and this nuke plant.

You think the government might hide that fact? If the people ever wake up the politicians will be boarding yuachts and hauling arse to the Bahamas.

Charlie Ruff said...

It seems like we've advanced about as far as we can go. The only other advancements will be to travel faster when we will punch through the stratisphere and travel around the earth at 10,000 miles an hour.

But all these new advancements in food and tephlon and canning and food additives and preservatives are not good for people.

Maybe they'll make computers smaller and tv with smellavision so the skin flicks will be better or 3-D to keep the idiots in front of the Jewish babysitter. They have created the behemoths that suck all the energy the power plants can produce. The have HD and the people sit there amazed and watch 5 minutes of tv and 5 minutes of commercials.

I quit watching tv 14 years ago. I've saved at least $80 a month on paid stuff and electricity. Plus the desire to buy that new tv that just came out. So I've saved $14,000 and not sat their amazed by tv each day. IF people turned off their tv and computers we could close half the power plants.

Tommy Irving said...

What about the Jewish media silence about Yukushima power plant? I mean did the thing even occur or is it just the figment of the imagination of the Internet people? I talk to people who don't use the Internet and they don't have a clue.

They don't mention the thousands of deformed babies being born in Iraq. No mention of the Palestinians being tortured and killed. No mention of how many millions of Chinese are killed by the Communist party.

I would think every now and then we would hear from the Arab tv network about the Palestinians being tortured. Or some China man could escape and we would hear his story of torture and murder so we could tell the Chinese to stick their junk where the Sun doesn't shine.

Clint Barnett said...

Just in case the nuclear fall out becomes dangerous to where people 20 miles from the nuke plant are in dangerous levels we will evacaute the area. How many believe if the elite lived 50 miles from the plant they would be gone?

Anonymous said...

This is very funny to follow.
There are 4 types of people following this.

1st Group - Stupid as Stone, they believe the main stream media. They believe everything they hear. Won't question authority even when it was proven, the authoritarians lied to them!

2nd Group - They know that something is wrong and going bad to worst but, they are influenced a bit by the mainstream media.

3rd Group - These people know the problems, what the results of those problems will be, and they do not trust the mainstream media. But, they can only reason to that point in their minds.

4th Group - By far the most interesting group because, THEY see the whole event as playing out like actors in a play. They see the event as a well-scripted and well-acted, performance playing to billions of people on Earth.

From the start of the "play", the authority actors on the stage have been acting the parts of the....confused, not educated, fumbling, and not-trainable authority figures . Never really having a solid plan that can get results but, everything they do try never works.

Then you have all the "supporting actor" Governments from around the World who, act out the parts of misinforming and always downplaying the amounts of lethal radiation as, "low traces" in food, water, air, etc.. Never putting the low traces together and finding that the bio-accumulation would equal severe dosages of lethal radiation, happening as people are constantly eating, drinking and washing, and breathing!

But, this 4th Group can clearly see that, letting this disaster to continue, allows the audience to be distracted from the real show going on here. These people can see that, this disaster will be on stage for 1000's of years!

But, in that 1000's of years, the amount of death and destruction to the life on this planet will be on a global scale never seen before!

The 4th Group knows this is all part of a very well-executed, well-thought out plan to free-up the World's resources from mankind. Really? Well, look at where ALL the nuclear plants are located. Along earthquake fault lines; along ocean shorelines, and near dense population centers.

Wouldn't you think that someday, build plants in these areas, opens up the opportunity to a few deadly catastrophes? The planners knew and they were counting on it!

Once you let go of the bullshit you want to believe then, you will see the really shit that is happening in it's place!

Unfortunately, by the time people realize this was all theater-acted for their will be too late.

You can applaud now....or, just stay confused if that feel better for you....

Yoda said...

Kudos EX-SKF: Outstanding report.

No one can predict the future for the Fukushima power plant or for Japan.

Governments and confused media have obfuscated the reality since Three Mile island, Chernobyl and no one knows how many other "excursions".

Be aware and be prepared.

Right on EX-SKF - WRITE ON!


Anonymous said...

Someone pointed out the Germans, but you do realize that Germany buys electricity from neighboring countries that use nuke plants to obtain electricity.

You do see the obvious fail in logic.... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Yes this disaster, is on a global scale, the Japanese seem paralyzed, to do anything real about it. Their responding like deer caught in the head lights of a car, about to be run over...

In the end they will suffer the most, because the Japanese people will be the victims of a new diaspora. They will be scattered to the 4 winds, with only the memory of their country left to pass on to generations that follow, for the next 1000 years.

If any of us survive this.

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