Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anti-Nuke, Anti-Noda Protest in Funabashi, Chiba Started

"7.15 What a big demonstration! We need anti-nuke demos to protect the citizens' living! Slaying Noda [as in slaying a fictional monster] Demonstration Part 2 - Drus of Fury" just started.

It looks like a nice, hot sunny day in Funabashi, Prime Minister Noda's constituency. People are of good cheer.

Live netcast by IWJ's Chiba Channel 1.

Live streaming by Ustream

Unlike the protest at the Prime Minister's Official Residence in Tokyo, people here seem free to say anything. The head of the Japan Communist Party just spoke in front of a cheering crowd of ordinary citizens.

One of the organizers is saying "Let's make the protest into 30,000-strong..." I think 300 hundred people or so all over Chiba, or Japan for that matter, is just fine.


Apolline said...

Hello Ultraman from France :

A video where 106.87 µSv/h found near Fukushima power plant, while TEPCO announces 9 µSv/h !!!!


Stock said...

typical cost overruns are 250% on nuke plants. That was back in the day when environmental and quality control were routinely circumvented. Not so anymore with millions of people on the alert for shoddy practices during construction.

With a Masters Degree in Thermal Fluids and Material Science, a professional history as a construction estimator, and being a Certified Energy Manager, I have calculated the Vogtle reactors as having a 1.666% annual rate of return on investment AFTER waiting 10 years for any revenue. No business model would want something like this.

It proves that nuke is not a business model.

The only model that "makes sense" is to buy a clunker plant and then get a power uprate from NRC and then run the heck out of it, pocket the profits, divest them into other Corporations for asset protection, and thus be OK when the plant blows up or melts down, which over 1% of them do. And that is in fact a business plan that is a crime against humanity. Out.

Anonymous said...

These protestors need to get their priorities right, the main problem right now is contaminated food due to the governments cover ups and bullshit and of course burning radioactive debris.... until they protest about that they are just wasting their time...

Chibaguy said...

I do not think they are wasting their time if they find an overall message. It does take practice and time but if they find it... Anyway, I support the movement but wish they would not leave Fukushima under the bus.

@Steveo, I salute you. Great comment and thank you!

Anonymous said...

After Fukushima some government commission (NISA?) reconsidered the costs of nuclear power generation. Their conclusion was that, even including the costs related to the accident, nuclear was still slightly cheaper than thermal.
I do not know how the commission estimated the costs while the accident is still ongoing, especially considering that babysitting Chernobyl, 26 years later, still requires some 3000 workers.
However the same commission refused to include the costs associated to storing spent fuel therefore I suspect that including those would show that npps make no economical sense.

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