Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday July 13th Protest in Tokyo Live Netcast

(UPDATE: IWJ's channels don't seem to be working. Go to Nico Nico Video.

You can wait for IWJ's all 9 screens to go on air, here.


IWJ's USTREAM channels on the protest at the Prime Minister's Official Residence in Tokyo for Friday July 13th, 2012:

Ch1—Yasumi Iwakami in front of the National Diet
Ch3—Aerial video or video from the car
Ch4—Bird's-eye view from a nearby building
Ch5—Front line at the PM Official Residence
Ch6—between the No.2 stage and the Ministry of Finance
Ch7—between the PM Official Residence and the Ministry of Finance
Ch8—Tents at the Ministry of Economy - Ministry of Education - Ministry of Economy
Ch9—In front of TEPCO, in front of KEPCO
Tokyo Ch1—Family area

Here's Channel 5. People holding white balloons must have gotten from Yasuo Tanaka, the head of New Party Nippon.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

You can also go to Nico Nico Video, netcasting the event for free for both members and non-members, here. You see the policemen on the other side (road-side) of the metal fences they installed.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I am not able to view any of these channels. Is it because I'm using iPad or is it something else? I just get "This content is not currently online"

Chibaguy said...

Thank you again Ex SKF for providing the links. Nico Nico seems down at the moment but that does not matter. Covering this is key.

Right now someone is broadcasting the Frying Dutchman speech.

The barriers are not a good idea! Actually, the government is escalating this for some reason.

I agree with your opinion that the movement should not be censored. Getting kids out of Fukushima should be the main message IMHO. I am conflicted as to what the overall message is.

Anyway, glad the Japanese are stepping upb but hope they do not forget that contamination is all over and kids need to be protected.

Anonymous said...

Police was honto ni warui desu today,
they wanted to end the Protest with Repression
but we will never give up!!!

Anonymous said...

Also thi channel -

(if it is off air check similar vids on tidebar)
The Commnts on this page list some Live Coverage channels too

Anonymous said...

All this makes not a blind bit of difference , what about the contamination of the food supply ? what about the burning of radioactive debris? .. no its all superfluous, what a crock of shit Japan has become... no one thinking , brain dead rules.

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