Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photos of #Fukushima Reactor 3 Torus Room by Survey Runner

At the bottom of each photo, you can see the radiation levels encountered by the robot at that location. (See my previous post for the video.)

From TEPCO's Photo and Video Library page:

Torus Room entrance (18 to 117 millisieverts/hour):

Manhole, southeast (177 to 234 millisieverts/hour):

Primary Containment Vessel side (234 to 254 millisieverts/hour):

Stairway, southwest (192 to 324 millisieverts/hour):


Anonymous said...

Does "cold shutdown" usually have 300+ millisieverts of radiation per hour?

Atomfritz said...

The radiation is so low that hardened Indian peasants can work there at least two hours. Possibly even three, but then some might be caught by acute radiation sickness.

Would be interesting to know if cheap foreign laborers will be hired to do some dirty work.

JAnonymous said...

Hi there,

First a small detail: in the picture captions you wrote, you seem to assume that both numbers show high and low readings for radiation. In my understanding, left value is the instant reading (in mSv/h) and right reading is the accumulated amount of radiation (324 mSv after 2~3 hours work).

And to atomfritz, you are sadly right. I am afraid this has already begun for south american people, see this post (even though I don't always agree with FD):

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

JAnonymous, thanks, that would well be it. I'll have to go check the robot's software specs.

As to the link you post, that's not for the Brazilians in Brazil. It's an ad for Brazilians already in Japan, who have claimed the Japanese descent and have obtained legal residency based on the claim.

JAnonymous said...

Ah, yes, indeed. I remember this was supposed to have been spotted in a Tokyo magazine for Brazilians. Sorry for the generalization.

And don't worry about the specs of the robot, this one is dead. Save your time for the upcoming one, gundam or otherwise... good point for gundam though: there's a lot of existing literature already ;-)

Atomfritz said...

These ex-Brazilians are still of the Burakumin class, I suppose. So wasting them is probably "okay"...
(see here: )

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