Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jellyfish Clog Up Water Intake for Reactor 3 at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant

(UPDATE: Somehow jellyfish was repelled, and the full operation started. To read about the response the senior vice minister in charge of securing safety of the plant to the jellyfish attack, go to my latest post.)


Even the jellyfish is anti-nuclear these days in Japan. A large number of jellyfish clogged up the water intake at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant, and KEPCO may be forced to delay the full operation of Reactor 3.

From Fukui Shinbun (7/8/2012):

大飯3号機クラゲ発生で出力低下 フル稼働ずれ込む可能性も

Reactor 3 at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant power decline due to jellyfish, full operation may get delayed


Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and KEPCO announced on July 8 that due to a large outbreak of jellyfish at the water intake for Reactor 3 at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant (in Ooi-cho, Fukui Prefecture, 1.18 million kilowatt pressurized water reactor) the electrical output decreased slightly. The full operation is scheduled at about 1AM on July 9, but that may be delayed.


According to KEPCO, jellyfish swarmed the water intake, and the company reduced the amount of seawater intake for the heat exchanger for the steam that turns the turbine at 2:55PM on July 8, which lowered the power generation efficiency. The electrical output had reached 100% at 11:20PM on July 7, but it is currently about 2% lower.


KEPCO will delay the full operation if jellyfish don't go away by 9PM on July 8. The full operation may not start until 7AM on July 9.


Anonymous said...

For your review:

防衛省航空機による大気中の放射性物質の放射能濃度 の測定結果 ...
文部科学省は、平成 23 年 3 月 24 日から 4 月 1 日まで、東京電力㈱福島第一及び第 二原. 子力発電所から上空に放出された放射性物質の拡散状況について確認するため 、防衛省の. 航空機に空気中の塵埃を測定する機器を搭載して大気中の塵埃試料を ...

m a x l i said...

What now? Will they position policemen in every river bend, on every sand bank, every beach, every ocean cliff, on every buoy around Japan to prevent the jellyfish from assembling in large numbers?

kuma shutsubotsu chuui said...

You go jellyfish! Occupy Ooi!!!

Kia said...

Japanese jellyfish have more spine than Japanese govt and TEPCO combined : ) YAY for mother nature!

Little Canary said...

Large number of jellyfishes are showing in the coast of Spain too.

When living creatures behave like this something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Didn't something like this happen in China or in Japan once already?

Nancy said...

This has happened before. St. Lucie and Diablo Canyon have had jellyfish swarms in recent years. It is rather ironic they have ganged up on Oi. Mother Nature 1, Nuclear Mafia 0.

Anonymous said...

This is actually quite common it happens all the time around the world.

The anti-nuclear faction has found a new weapon now all they need to do is figure out how to create localized jellyfish blooms on command.

Another natural threat to nuclear power generation are heat waves. If the water the plant uses for cooling is too hot the NPP has to lower it's power output or shutdown altogether.

Anonymous said...

Shades of 2009 in Fukui Prefecture

Jellies just love those intake valves and have been hard at work shutting down plants worldwide. Pity, humans with their "superior intelligence" can't manage it.
Definitely don't want to see the giant Nomura after spending a few more years swimming in the beneficial radioactive waters off the coast.

Anonymous said...

Jellyfish soak up the radiation I have heard.

Anonymous said...

Get set for giant jellyfish to take over Tokyo. Go go go Jellyfish Gojira!

Anonymous said...

Jelly fish kamakazi. So the dolphins and whales, humans and birds can live slightly longer.

Anonymous said...



Greyhawk said...

Does this mean jellyfish are smarter than we are?

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