Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 15: "Take the Yellow Train (Sobu Line) to Funabashi (Noda's Constituency), Make the Sound of Drums Heard!" Demo from 1PM in Funabashi, Chiba

I think I like these organizers.

Clearly including the ones who organized the very fun protest on June 24 in Funabashi City, Chiba (Prime Minister Noda's constituency), the group of people calling themselves "Drums of Fury" is doing another protest in Funabashi. Participants are encouraged to take the "Yellow Train" - JR Sobu Line that goes from the western Tokyo into Chiba.

This protest looks to be fun again, if I judge by their blog page.

There are many who legitimately ask "How effective are these protests? They haven't achieved anything." I do share that sentiment, particularly when I see people falling for made-up symbols and slogans that have little to do with what's been happening in Japan since March 11, 2011. But on the other hand, it is still amazing to me, as a Japanese, to see Japanese people having been able to focus their attention to anything nuclear for the past 16 months. I've always thought (still think) the Japanese collectively have "attention deficit disorder". So, keeping doing something like protest marches all over Japan, no matter how small or large, may itself be worthwhile.

After all, to express discontent to the authorities using drums, music, dance, ridicule, and marching on the streets and roads is a wonderful Japanese tradition for centuries.

Anyway, if you live along the JR Sobu Line (yellow train) and want to participate, here's the tongue-in-cheek details, making fun of what PM Noda has said in the past. (Oh and there are several Funabashi merchants offering discounts for the protest participants, just like on June 24. Check out the maps at the organizer's site.)

"7.15 What a big demonstration! We need anti-nuke demos to protect the citizens' living!" Slaying Noda [as in slaying a fictional monster] Demonstration Part 2

["What a big demonstration" is a pun on Noda's comment that the protest outside the PM Official Residence was "a big sound". "We need anti-nuke demos ..." is a pun on Noda's reason for starting Ooi Nuclear Power Plant.]


Starting place: Nishifuna Kinrin Park (same as before)
Meeting will start at 1:30PM
March will depart at 2PM
Ending place: Amanuma Bentenike Park (same as before)

MC 悪霊のコールと言葉と共に、怒りを叩き付けに行きます。

Our call
As the voices rise in various parts of Japan against nuclear power plants and against the restart of these plants including the protest at the PM Official Residence, Prime Minister Noda has reportedly commented on the protest voice to the police guarding the Residence, "It is a big sound." If the voice of protest is nothing but a "sound" to him, let's make our "voice" of anger into a really big sound and hit him so hard that he cannot ignore. That's the purpose of this demonstration. We are going to hit hard with our anger and our MC "Akuryo (Evil Spirit)" the constituency of Prime Minister Noda, Funabashi City, where there must have been many people who supported him and expected great things out of him.
We look forward to having you there.

主催:脱原発船橋(仮) + 怒りのドラムデモ実行委員会

Sponsors: Beyond Nuke Funabashi + Drums of Fury Executive Committee
Support: Yellow Train Alliance
Help: Loft Project
Approval: Genpatsu [nuke plant] Sayonara Chiba


「黄色い電車連合」時刻表 JR総武線1105C
JR Sobu Line Time Table (train 1105C) from Yellow Train Alliance
三鷹 Mitaka 11:43発
西荻窪 Nishiogikubo 11:48
阿佐ヶ谷 Asagaya 11:53
中野 Nakano 11:57
新宿 Shinjuku 12:04
飯田橋 Iidabashi 12:15
秋葉原 Akihabara 12:22
西船橋 Nishibunabashi 12:48着
Take the first car.

MC悪霊(illeastrecords )&DJ M28

MC Akiryo, DJ M28


Anonymous said...

Waste of time, these protests will acheive nothing... riots and disorder is needed on a grand scale now.... the governments have realised that protests are a joke and tolerate them, just look at the wall street protests...fizzled to nothing

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. Very wrong in advocating violence.

Anonymous said...

What effect does Plutonium have upon steel?

What about refractory materials or encapsulation in vitreous materials?

Like crystals these methods of containment become metamict?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:27 -
I remember back in January of 2007 when tens of thousands of Americans marched on Washington to demand an end to the war in Iraq. Included were 300 buses of people from around the country. What happened? Nothing. The government did not care at all what the people wanted. Five and 1/2 years later, the USA is still in Iraq. Protests in the USA have proven useless. Perhaps it will be different in Japan. But I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

@9.18 ... yes proves my point exactly, look at the recent demo in Tokyo, its become a charade... they need to adress the issue of contamination in the food and burning of debris. .. these demos just suck.

Anonymous said...

I guess throw it in the sea is still the cheapest option for disposal,the Pu boundary.

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